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Director : Desmond Davis

Genre : Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Family, Romance

Cast : : , Laurence Olivier as Zeus , Claire Bloom as Hera , Maggie Smith as Thetis , Ursula Andress as Aphrodite , Jack Gwillim as Poseidon , Susan Fleetwood as Athena , Pat Roach as Hephaestus , Harry Hamlin as Perseus , Judi Bowker as Andromeda , Burgess Meredith as Ammon , Siân Phillips as Cassiopeia , Flora Robson as Stygian Witch , Anna Manahan as Stygian Witch , Freda Jackson as Stygian Witch , Tim Pigott-Smith as Thallo

Plot : A motion picture adaption of the myth of Perseus as anyhow as his seek to fight both Medusa as anyhow as the Kraken addict to unless the Princess Andromeda.

Run Time : 118 min

Country : USA

Language : English

Filming Locations : Albert R. Broccoli 007 Stage, Pinewood Studios, Iver Heath, Buckinghamshire, England, UK

Company : Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)

Trivia : The indispensable commentary entailed Perseus to stop Medusa’s classification by throwing his watch at her. Harry Hamlin encouraged the producers to accept him strategy his sword, for that was how it arised on the specialist of Greek Mythology.

Goofs : Revealing mistakes: When Perseus follows the Vulture carrying Andromeda prepared the air, there is an attempt that shows the Vulture flying far more than the city. Two peasants may well troth known trudging conscious a hill answerable the screen. When Persus enters the visual display unit cherish the put in the shade left, riding Pegasus, the two peasants abruptly disappear also without delay reappear a bulk of steps back, at that time repeat their walk conscious the hill. In the a great deal of afterward picture once Perseus rides Pegasus to except Andromeda cherish the Kraken, the unchanged two peasants are briefly detectable inside the precise unchanged position.

Tag Lines : An Epic Entertainment Spectacular!
An Experience The Fantastic
You will feel the power. Live the adventure. Experience the fantastic.

Plot Summary : Perseus has to rescue Andromeda, previous she has to marry a monster. Zeus has discovered some evaluation as Perseus on the way, comparable to getting Pegasus, defeating Medusa, also discovering a wont to exterminate the horrendous Kraken…

Perseus is the favorite child of the god Zeus, however he has unwittingly ticked off the aquatic goddess Thetis. Just to type subjects worse, Perseus falls inside intimacy and the attractive Princess Andromeda, who hand-me-down to engagement busy to Thetis’s son. Soon Perseus is off on only seek behind another, and Zeus helping, Thetis hindering, furthermore ample harmless bystanders realizing stabbed, drowned, furthermore squished.

The Greek myth of Perseus in addition to Andromeda inside a persuasive presentation of older Greece, featuring an all-star set of actors in addition to scores of classic mythological creatures akin to the winged horse Pegasus in addition to the catastrophic Medusa whose glimpse turns personalities to stone.

By replying a seemingly inconceivable riddle, Perseus, the male child of Zeus, wins the hand of the Princess Andromeda inside marriage. Trouble seems inside the touch upon of Calibos, the princess’s prior love, along with his mother, the Goddess Thetis. In make a request that the fearsome Kraken not engagement released, Andromeda has to engagement sacrificed along with Perseus searches for the basis that the Medusa; her set is the barely mania that may possibly end the Kraken.

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