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Director : Curt A. Sindelar

Genre : Action, History, War

Cast : , Michael Conner Humphreys as Eddie, Christopher Serrone as Captain McRoberts, Jon Ashley Hall as The Major (as Jonathan Hall), Billy Reynolds as Rigs, Catherine Johnson as Beth's Mother, Curt A. Sindelar as Co-Pilot, David Poland as Beth's Father, Ryan Findley as First Lieutenant, Dick McMahon as American General, Travis Mason as Pathfinder 33, Monterey Morrissey as Grandpa, Suzanne Owens-Duval as Beth's Grandmother, Donnie Edwards, Dan Kyle as Cicero, Philip De Lorenzo as Francis, Charlie Armstrong as Wounded Major, Rebecca Ovall as Beth, Lilli Turner as Singer, Eric Jones as Second Lieutenant, Hans Eleveld as Pickles, Emily Parker as Party Guest 9, Anthony Mino as Pathfinder, Jeremiah Allen as Henry The Boxer, Colin Hutchings as Machine Gunned German, Steve Gomez as Pathfinder 26, Christian Snider as Pathfinder 27, Butch Ayala as Pathfinder 2, Peter Verdonck as Pathfinder 29, Rodney Roycroft as Pathfinder 16, Joseph Cornwell as Pathfinder 4, Matt Jones as Pathfinder 36, Eloise Tiller as Female Officer A, Richard Mason as German Infantry 8, Kyle Erickson as Paratrooper 1-.30 caliber, Trux Dole as British Officer, Ray Cunningham as C47 Pilot, Jamey Billig as German Infantry 2, Kevin Haeg as Pathfinder 6, Jason Wolcott as Pathfinder 17, Ian Armstrong as Grandson 1, Larry Jones as British Officer 3, Tom Neill as Paratrooper, Allen Thompson as Jerrard, Susan Applegate as Party Guest 2, Breece Pickle as Airborne Officer, William T. Smalley as The Colonel, Steve Averill as Pianist, Conrad Joslyn as Pathfinder 30, John T. Toman as Pathfinder 15, Logan McQueen as Wounded Paratrooper, Mark Cook as Pathfinder 40, Jaime Chamberlain as German Infantry 6, Sean Mason as German Infantry 9, Jordan Sindelar as Beth's sister, Bill Wagner as Party Guest 10, Josh Tener as Pathfinder 20, Kyle Armstrong as Grandson 2, Jason Taylor as British Officer 4, Jan Patrovek as Pathfinder 23, Brett Malone as Rock Wall Paratrooper 2, Robert Harris as British Officer 2, Dion Gore as Postman, Elizabeth Bourke as Party Guest 4, Tony Zilka as In the Wrong Briefing Trooper, Joe Winder as Pathfinder 13, Kelly Brown as Air Corp Major, Richard Wolf as Pathfinder 28, Paul Rasys as C47 Pilot 2, Andrew Enright as Knifed German, Mike Deakins as Pathfinder 5, Charlie Bennard as German Infantry 12, Cameron Milton as Rizzo, Dalton Patronek as Pathfinder 24, Kalib Hanson as German Infantry 14, Richard Senzig as German 'Welcome to Normandy', Jeff Swanson as Pathfinder 35, Robert Shire as Naval Officer, Gary Underhill as Pathfinder 18, Colby Smith as German Infantry 13, David Brothers as Pilot, Tim Snider as Driver – German Car, Hazel Findley as Granddaughter, Austin Lee as Paratrooper 2-.30 caliber, Amy Trapolino as Female British NCO, Pam Zolotko as Party Guest 12, Robert Shipp as Hamilton, Doug Welter as Jump Master, Jared Haeg as Base Pathfinder 2, Dean Castellino as Pathfinder 3, Dan Limb as Doc, Brian Healey as All Ok Pathfinder, Paul Mason as Rock Wall Paratrooper Smoking, Matthew Gorewicz as Pathfinder C47, Kent Chipman as Pathfinder 38, Tim Mallow as Pathfinder 31, Gordon Stewart as Pathfinder 41, Ryan Richardson as German Infantry 10, Timothy Willard as Party Guest 11, Andrew Merget as German Infantry 15, Mellisa Anderson as Party Guest 1, Chris McCoy as Jeep Paratrooper, Bryan Yeilding as Pathfinder 39, Kendall Fish as Base Pathfinder, Paul Knapp as Rock Wall Paratrooper, Ken Hightower as American Officer, Michael Lynn as Tarmac Pathfinder Medic, Philip Moffitt as Pathfinder 25, Anthony Bowman as German Infantry 4, Reed Gibbs as German sacrifices rifle, Adam Sessions as German Infantry 11, Darren P. Ferguson as Party Guest 13, John J. Toman as Pathfinder 14, Jackie Berrios as Party Guest 3, Glenna Harris as Party Guest 7, Luke Tedder as Base Personnel, Frederick Bills as German Infantry 3, Brett Goertemoeller as Pathfinder 12, Cael Kooken as Pathfinder 34, Jordan L. Stray as Base Pathfinder 5, Travis Millhouse as Pathfinder 10, Chad Francis as German Sentry, Adam Ross as Base Pathfinder 4, Ralph Manley as American Airborne Officer, David Laws as Officer at Party, Dave Austin as Pathfinder 37, Donovan Powell as Orderly, Thomas Mason as Pathfinder 32, Mark Bando as Pathfinder 8, Bram Davidson as Light Operator, Andrew Reed as Base Pathfinder 6, Martin Gerhard as Navigator, Rosalind Fell as Party Host, Sean 'Schussler' Cruz as Lead Assault German, Russ Bevill as MG42 Gunner, Abby Burnett as Party Guest 6, Ricky Thornley as Base Personnel 2, Alexander Almieda as Base Pathfinder 7, Doug Houseman as Base Pathfinder 3, Whitney Brown as Party Guest 5, Ronnie Thornley as British NCO, Stephanie Findley as Party Guest 15, Neal Maillet as Officer at Party 2, Cole Gibbs as Young – Grenade – Pathfinder, Jaquin Findley as English Boy, Michael Brase as German Infantry 5, Blake Nelson as German Infantry 12, Bob Yarberry as Pathfinder 11, Michael A. Montgomery as Pathfinder 9, Aaron Orthmann as Party Guest 8, Matt Fladwood as German at Stand-Off, Zachary Davidson as First Light Operator, Bryan Dribble as Pathfinder 21, Eric Sorge as Pathfinder 19, Erich Liebgott as German Mortar NCO, Kevin Choukpon as Pathfinder 42, Aaron Truman as German NCO, Michel Entler as Marshal 'You're Never Gonna Make It', Peter Panacy as Pathfinder 7, Jimmy Anderson as German Infantry 1

Plot : Untold plus missing history. A precise account of the American Pathfinders, the volunteer paratroopers whose… See more » |

Country : USA

Language : English

Company : Portland Independent Films

Plot Summary : Untold also omitted history. A precise chronicle of the American Pathfinders, the volunteer paratroopers whose disastrous dare was to homestead 30 minutes prior to the Normandy invasion, hit upon also aspect strategic "drop zones" also originated the top-secret navigation furnishings looked-for to point the cardinal airborne assault on D-Day.

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