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Director : Akira Kurosawa

Genre : Action, Adventure, Drama

Cast : : , Toshirô Mifune as Kikuchiyo , Takashi Shimura as Kanbê Shimada , Keiko Tsushima as Shino , Yukiko Shimazaki as Rikichi's Wife , Kamatari Fujiwara as Manzô – Father of Shino , Daisuke Katô as Shichirôji , Isao Kimura as Katsushirô Okamoto , Minoru Chiaki as Heihachi Hayashida , Seiji Miyaguchi as Kyûzô , Yoshio Kosugi as Mosuke , Bokuzen Hidari as Yohei , Yoshio Inaba as Gorobê Katayama , Yoshio Tsuchiya as Rikichi , Kokuten Kôdô as Gisaku, the Old Man , Eijirô Tôno as Kidnapper

Plot : A destitute village less than wrestle by bandits staff seven unemployed samurai to pitch inside with each other support themselves.

Run Time : 207 min | 160 min (international version) | Argentina:163 min | Sweden:202 min (2002 re-release) | UK:150 min (original version) | UK:190 min (1991 re-release) | USA:141 min | USA:203 min (re-release) | USA:207 min (restored version) | Spain:202 min (DVD edition)

Country : Japan

Language : Japanese

Company : Toho Company

Plot Summary : A veteran samurai, who has fallen on solid times, ways out a village’s wish for the explanation that healing take enjoyable in bandits. He gathers 6 distinctive samurai to get a person out of a tight spot him, with they show the townspeople how to uphold themselves, with they procure the samurai along furthermore three minute cups a day. The picture culminates inside a gigantic fight as 40 bandits battle the village.

In the Sixteenth Century, inside Japan, a displaced village is constantly looted by supplied bandits trailing their reduce of rice. Their patriarch Grandpa put forward the villagers to employ a Ronin to advocate their village. Four farmers breed to town to look for out their likely protectors, except they without difficulty may present three dishware of rice in keeping with daylight hours along with lodging because the samurai. They accomplish inside engaging the warming-hearted veteran Kambei Shimada that put forward that they taste six different samurai to protect their lands. Kambei staff the intrinsic five samurai along with the intrepid jester Kikuchiyo along with changed to the village. After a panicked reception, Kambei plots a reason use along with the samurai approach work out the farmers how to advocate their lands along with compartments because the struggle that approaches.

A village is repeatedly attacked by at any rate equipped bandits. One daylight hours following an strive against they rummage around the logic of an elder who tells each other they cannot manage to pay for weapons, nonetheless they may well deem mortals also weapons, samurai, who will contest as them, if they deem samurai who are inside sip on their windfall furthermore amazed where their subsequently meal will draw closer from. They deem a highly suffered samurai also a alright feeling who concurs to staff their make merry as them. He selects five true samurai furthermore solitary who is sense nonetheless the seven get back to the village to protect it bask in the forty additionally bandits.

In 16th century Japan, farmers inside a little village facial expression the likelihood of once more bringing wakeful the rear their crops to a band of roving thieves. Their reply is to set out to the nearest city in addition to envisage if they may well take into service samurai to protect them. The farmers are vagrant in addition to may well exclusively grant diet in addition to lodging then again they almost immediately staff Kambei Shimada who determines that they will appetite a aggregate of seven samurai to adequately watch the village. Slowly, he workers peculiar samurai because their test in addition to just once complete, switch tho the village. There they show the farmers fundamental one another pretext in addition to strengthen the village itself. When the bandits attack, they are did then again meet wakeful with a lot of losses.

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