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Genre : Action, Adventure, Biography, Drama, History

Cast : (Series Cast Summary – 19 of 39) , Andy Whitfield as Spartacus (13 episodes, 2010), John Hannah as Batiatus (13 episodes, 2010), Manu Bennett as Crixus (13 episodes, 2010), Lucy Lawless as Lucretia (13 episodes, 2010), Peter Mensah as Doctore (12 episodes, 2010), Nick Tarabay as Ashur (12 episodes, 2010), Viva Bianca as Ilithyia / as (11 episodes, 2010), Lesley-Ann Brandt as Naevia (11 episodes, 2010), Jai Courtney as Varro (10 episodes, 2010), David Austin as Medicus (9 episodes, 2010), Siaosi Fonua as Hamilcar (8 episodes, 2010), Craig Walsh Wrightson as Solonius (8 episodes, 2010), Erin Cummings as Sura (7 episodes, 2010), Antonio Te Maioha as Barca (6 episodes, 2010), Eka Darville as Pietros (6 episodes, 2010), Raicho Vasilev as Gnaeus (6 episodes, 2010), Daniel Feuerriegel as Agron (6 episodes, 2010), Ande Cunningham as Duro (6 episodes, 2010), Janine Burchett as Domitia (6 episodes, 2010) (more) Series Directed byMichael Hurst (3 episodes, 2010)Rick Jacobson (3 episodes, 2010)Jesse Warn (3 episodes, 2010) Series Writing creditsSteven S. DeKnight (13 episodes, 2010-2012)Brent Fletcher (8 episodes, 2010)Aaron Helbing (8 episodes, 2010)Todd Helbing (8 episodes, 2010)Miranda Kwok (8 episodes, 2010)Daniel Knauf (2 episodes, 2010)Series Produced byCharles Knight as. associate producer (13 episodes, 2010)Aaron Lam as. associate producer (13 episodes, 2010)Sam Raimi as. executive producer (13 episodes, 2010)Robert G. Tapert as. executive producer (13 episodes, 2010)Steven S. DeKnight as. executive producer (11 episodes, 2010)Paul Grinder as. associate producer (10 episodes, 2010)Joshua Donen as. executive producer (7 episodes, 2010)Grady Hall as. consulting producer (6 episodes, 2010)Keith MacKenzie as. line producer (6 episodes, 2010)Chloe Smith as. producer (6 episodes, 2010) Series Original Music byJoseph LoDuca (12 episodes, 2010) Series Cinematography byAaron Morton (12 episodes, 2010) Series Film Editing byBryan Shaw (3 episodes, 2010) Series Casting byFaith Martin (6 episodes, 2010)Lauren Bass (5 episodes, 2010)Annabelle Lomas (4 episodes, 2010) Series Production Design byIain Aitken (12 episodes, 2010) Series Art Direction byNick Bassett (9 episodes, 2010)Ben Milsom (8 episodes, 2010)Mark Grenfell (2 episodes, 2010) Series Set Decoration byRose Guthrie (6 episodes, 2010) Series Costume Design byBarbara Darragh (12 episodes, 2010) Series Makeup DepartmentAna Davison as. makeup coordinator / makeup department coordinator (13 episodes, 2010)Georgia Lockhart-Adams as. make up artist and hair stylist / make-up/hair artist (13 episodes, 2010)Deb Watson as. makeup and prosthetics supervisor / makeup & hair supervisor / as (13 episodes, 2010)Jane O'Kane as. designer: makeup hair prosthetics (12 episodes, 2010)Kylie Harris as. additional extras/stunts makeup artist (7 episodes, 2010)Jean Hewitt as. makeup artist (7 episodes, 2010)Anita Aggrey as. make-up/hair artist (6 episodes, 2010)Michele Barber as. make-up/hair artist (6 episodes, 2010)Anna de Witt as. make-up/hair artist (6 episodes, 2010)Bex Fennessy as. make-up and hair assistant (6 episodes, 2010)Michael Krehl as. crowd hair coordinator / crowd makeup coordinator (6 episodes, 2010)Roger Murray as. prosthetic supervisor (6 episodes, 2010)Vanessa Langford as. make-up and hair assistant (5 episodes, 2010)Catherine Maguire as. hair and make up artist / make-up and hair artist / as (5 episodes, 2010)Jaime Leigh McIntosh as. makeup coordinator: extras (5 episodes, 2010)Kevin Dufty as. make-up/hair artist (4 episodes, 2010)Susan Glass as. make-up/hair artist (4 episodes, 2010)Carmen Te Moananui as. make-up and hair assistant (3 episodes, 2010)Tracy Reeby as. special makeup effects artist (3 episodes, 2010) Series Production ManagementMelanie Turner as. unit production manager (13 episodes, 2010)Nik Williams as. unit manager (6 episodes, 2010) Series Second Unit Director or Assistant DirectorBruno Dubois as. third assistant director (12 episodes, 2010)Paul Grinder as. second unit director / first assistant director (8 episodes, 2010)Ngaire Woods as. third assistant director (5 episodes, 2010)Rachael Boggs as. second assistant director (3 episodes, 2010)Axel Paton as. first assistant director (3 episodes, 2010)Dave Norris as. first assistant director (2 episodes, 2010)Sarah Rose as. second assistant director (2 episodes, 2010) Series Art DepartmentEd Butler as. storyboard artist (13 episodes, 2010)Robert Bavin as. property master (8 episodes, 2010)Troy Stephens as. scenic painter (8 episodes, 2010)Bruce Allan as. carpenter (6 episodes, 2010)Adam Bilik as. stand-by props (6 episodes, 2010)Nick Connor as. set designer (6 episodes, 2010)Eamon Cooney as. hammerhand (6 episodes, 2010)Anna Graves as. art department coordinator (6 episodes, 2010)Zane Grey as. lead plasterer (6 episodes, 2010)Simon Hall as. stand-by props assistant (6 episodes, 2010)Sarah Bailey Harper as. set decorating textiles (6 episodes, 2010)Graham Harris as. lead hand (6 episodes, 2010)Kate Hennebry as. set dresser (6 episodes, 2010)Serena Higgins as. art department runner (6 episodes, 2010)Eliza Meldrum as. property buyer (6 episodes, 2010)Laurie Meleisea as. scenic artist (6 episodes, 2010)Roger Murray as. props supervisor (6 episodes, 2010)Thomas Pengally as. labourer (6 episodes, 2010)Paul Radford as. lead scenic artist (6 episodes, 2010)Ashley Renall as. carpenter (6 episodes, 2010)William Schmidt as. stand-by carpenter / lead hand (6 episodes, 2010)Murray Sweetman as. construction manager (6 episodes, 2010)Ryan Sweetman as. carpenter (6 episodes, 2010)Hamish Wain as. lead set decorating fabricator (6 episodes, 2010)Ruben Allen as. set decorating fabricator (4 episodes, 2010)Nick Bassett as. supervising art director (4 episodes, 2010)Melissa Spicer as. property master (4 episodes, 2010)Ben Whale as. set dresser (4 episodes, 2010)Bryn Collins as. construction runner (3 episodes, 2010) Series Sound DepartmentAmy Barber as. foley artist / foley editor (13 episodes, 2010)Bruno Barrett-Garnier as. supervising sound editor / sound re-recording mixer (13 episodes, 2010)Corrin Ellingford as. boom operator (13 episodes, 2010)Adam Iles as. adr mixer / adr editor mixer / as (13 episodes, 2010)Bruce Langley as. sound effects editor / sound designer (13 episodes, 2010)David Madigan as. sound recordist (13 episodes, 2010)Ben Stockwell as. foley artist / foley mixer (13 episodes, 2010)C.J. Withey as. sound assistant / sound trainee (13 episodes, 2010)Simon Diggins as. adr recordist (12 episodes, 2010)Campbell Cooley as. loop artist (10 episodes, 2010)Vedat Kiyici as. sound editor (10 episodes, 2010)Nathan Smith as. adr mixer: Los Angeles (8 episodes, 2010)Lloyd Canham as. adr mixer (7 episodes, 2010)Stephen Webster as. sound re-recording mixer (7 episodes, 2010)Clive Broughton as. adr editor mixer / adr editor / as (6 episodes, 2010)William Freesh as. sound re-recording mixer (6 episodes, 2010)Christopher M. Stewart as. adr supervisor (6 episodes, 2010)Robert Edwards as. adr mixer (4 episodes, 2010)Joshua Mathews as. sound designer (2 episodes, 2010) Series Special Effects bySteve Yardley as. special effects technician (12 episodes, 2010)Taya Polkinghorne as. special effects assistant / special effects runner (11 episodes, 2010)Brendon Durey as. special effects supervisor (6 episodes, 2010)Aaron McLachlan as. special effects technician (6 episodes, 2010)Ollie Gee as. special effects technician (5 episodes, 2010)Aaron Robinson as. special effects runner (3 episodes, 2010) Series Visual Effects byMichaela Maguire as. visual effects coordinator (13 episodes, 2010)Charlie McClellan as. executive visual effects supervisor / series visual effects supervisor (13 episodes, 2010)Danielle Norgate as. lead compositor: 3DCGI Ltd / lead compositor: 3DCGI (13 episodes, 2010)Hugh Smith as. visual effects artist / visual effects developer (13 episodes, 2010)John Walters as. concept artist / matte painter / as (13 episodes, 2010)Agustín Cavalieri as. digital compositor / visual effects developer (12 episodes, 2010)Maximilian MacEwan as. visual effects assistant / visual effects production assistant (12 episodes, 2010)Charlie Wilson as. visual effects assistant editor (12 episodes, 2010)Emrys Plaisted as. compositor (10 episodes, 2010)Andrew Shanks as. vfx concept compositor / visual effects: concept compositor (10 episodes, 2010)Billy A. Campbell as. vfx consultant editor (9 episodes, 2010)Gina E. Ross as. visual effects producer: 3DCGI Ltd / visual effects producer: 3DCGI (9 episodes, 2010)Johnny Agnew as. data wrangler / visual effects wrangler (8 episodes, 2010)Pania Williams as. visual effects artist (8 episodes, 2010)Paul Dickson as. compositor / visual effects artist (7 episodes, 2010)John Sheils as. visual effects supervisor (7 episodes, 2010)Matt Westbrooke as. compositor (7 episodes, 2010)Lucy Bowey as. visual effects producer (6 episodes, 2010)Nick Cattell as. visual effects art director (6 episodes, 2010)Eric Gambini as. visual effects supervisor (6 episodes, 2010)Paul Jones as. visual effects developer (6 episodes, 2010)Grant Kronfeld as. visual effects editor (6 episodes, 2010)Graeme Marshall as. visual effects post assistant (6 episodes, 2010)Mark Rous as. visual effects wrangler (5 episodes, 2010)Ryan Heelan as. visual effects production assistant (3 episodes, 2010)Zane Holmes as. visual effects supervisor (3 episodes, 2010)Mark Stephen as. visual effects set designer (3 episodes, 2010)Alicia Aguilera as. flame artist (2 episodes, 2010)Young Choi as. visual effects producer: Mofac Studios (2 episodes, 2010) Series StuntsShane Blakey as. utility stunts / stunts (13 episodes, 2010)Jacob Tomuri as. stunt performer / stunts (13 episodes, 2010)Mana Hira Davis as. stunts / utility stunts (10 episodes, 2010)Shane Dawson as. stunt coordinator / stunt/fight coordinator (10 episodes, 2010)Vincent Roxburgh as. stunts / stunt double (10 episodes, 2010)Andrew B. Stehlin as. stunts / utility stunts (10 episodes, 2010)Winham Hammond as. stunt performer / additional stunts (9 episodes, 2010)Tim Wong as. stunt coordinator / fight coordinator (9 episodes, 2010)Jeremy Hollis as. stunt performer / additional stunts (7 episodes, 2010)Hiroo Minami as. utility stunts (6 episodes, 2010)Erika Takacs as. stunt department coordinator (6 episodes, 2010)Brenna Townshend as. stunt department coordinator (6 episodes, 2010)Clinton Elvey as. additional stunts (5 episodes, 2010)Isaac Hamon as. additional stunts / stunt performer / as (5 episodes, 2010)Allan Poppleton as. key stunt supervisor (5 episodes, 2010)Steven A. Davis as. stunt performer (4 episodes, 2010)Tim McLachlan as. stunt performer / additional stunts (4 episodes, 2010)John Osborne as. stunt performer (4 episodes, 2010)Steve Reinsfield as. stunt performer / additional stunts (4 episodes, 2010)Shaughan Campbell as. additional stunts (3 episodes, 2010)Andrew Cottle as. stunt double / additional stunts (3 episodes, 2010)Tony Marsh as. additional stunts / stunt performer (3 episodes, 2010)Kirk Maxwell as. additional stunts (3 episodes, 2010)Adrian McGaw as. additional stunts / stunt performer (3 episodes, 2010)Steve McQuillan as. additional stunts (3 episodes, 2010)Dayna Porter as. stunt performer / additional stunts (3 episodes, 2010)Paul Shapcott as. additional stunts / stunt coordinator (3 episodes, 2010)Daniel Andrews as. additional stunts / stunt performer (2 episodes, 2010)Matt Bennett as. stunt performer (2 episodes, 2010)Sean Button as. additional stunts (2 episodes, 2010)Scott Chiplin as. stunt performer (2 episodes, 2010)Siosa Fonua as. stunts (2 episodes, 2010)Vladislavas Jacukevicius as. stunts (2 episodes, 2010)Sharon Maxwell as. additional stunts / stunts (2 episodes, 2010)Joshua Randall as. additional stunts (2 episodes, 2010)Karen Thompson as. stunt double (2 episodes, 2010)Raicho Vasilev as. stunt performer / stunts (2 episodes, 2010) Series Camera and Electrical DepartmentChristopher Rudkin as. video assist operator / video split operator (13 episodes, 2010)Todd Bilton as. first assistant camera / first assistant: "a" camera / as (12 episodes, 2010)Brenden Holster as. first assistant camera / first assistant: "b" camera / as (12 episodes, 2010)Blair Ihaka as. second assistant camera / second assistant: "a" camera / as (12 episodes, 2010)Kane Asher as. dolly grip (6 episodes, 2010)Sam Bailey as. second assistant: "b" camera / second assistant camera: "b" camera (6 episodes, 2010)Jay Berriman as. director of photography: EPK (6 episodes, 2010)Tony Blackwood as. gaffer (6 episodes, 2010)John Cavill as. director of photography: additional unit (6 episodes, 2010)Peter Cleveland as. best boy grip (6 episodes, 2010)Vanessa Cotterill as. lighting assistant (6 episodes, 2010)Kirsty Griffin as. unit photographer (6 episodes, 2010)Tane Kingan as. lighting best boy / best boy: lighting (6 episodes, 2010)Cameron McLean as. camera operator (6 episodes, 2010)Miles Murphy as. key grip: additional unit (6 episodes, 2010)Tommy Park as. best boy grip: additional unit (6 episodes, 2010)Kimberley Porter as. generator operator (6 episodes, 2010)Gareth Robinson as. key grip (6 episodes, 2010)Aidan Sanders as. lighting assistant (6 episodes, 2010)Allen Solly as. rigging gaffer (6 episodes, 2010)Tera Tehei as. grip assistant (6 episodes, 2010)Gray Turner as. camera assistant (6 episodes, 2010)Marcus Upton as. lighting assistant (6 episodes, 2010)Daimon Wright as. technocrane operator (6 episodes, 2010)Alyssa Kath as. video assistant (5 episodes, 2010)Gareth Daley as. phantom technician (4 episodes, 2010)Marc Ehrenbold as. steadicam operator (4 episodes, 2010) Series Casting DepartmentMark Davis as. extras assistant / extras casting assistant (6 episodes, 2010)Rebecca Rowe as. extras casting (6 episodes, 2010)Jill Soper as. cast manager / casting manager (6 episodes, 2010)Katya Wilson as. cast liaison / casting liaison (6 episodes, 2010)Miranda Wilson as. casting assistant (6 episodes, 2010)Amber McAllister as. cast assistant (4 episodes, 2010) Series Costume and Wardrobe DepartmentFiona Nicolls as. key tailor (13 episodes, 2010)Barbara Pinn as. costume stand-by / stand-by costumer (13 episodes, 2010)Janelle Hope as. costume supervisor (11 episodes, 2010)Maxine Adams as. stitcher (6 episodes, 2010)Alice Baker as. costume supervisor (6 episodes, 2010)Sara Beale as. costume buyer (6 episodes, 2010)Sam Brown as. head stitcher (6 episodes, 2010)Daniel Calvert as. art finisher assistant (6 episodes, 2010)Tim Castello as. art finisher (6 episodes, 2010)Olivia Dobson as. assistant costume designer (6 episodes, 2010)Sarah Ellis as. key stand-by costumer (6 episodes, 2010)Jasmin Gibson as. stand-by costumer (6 episodes, 2010)Irene 'Pida' Gleeson as. textile artist / costume textile artist (6 episodes, 2010)Ylona McGinty as. key stand-by costumer (6 episodes, 2010)Kirsty McLay as. stitcher (6 episodes, 2010)Gavin McLean as. costume art director (6 episodes, 2010)Shelly Milne as. key costumer: extras / stand-by costumer: extras / as (6 episodes, 2010)Matt Morris as. leather craftsman (6 episodes, 2010)Katie Picham as. costume assistant / costume runner (6 episodes, 2010)Imogene Pyne as. stand-by costume assistant: extras (6 episodes, 2010)Emma Shakes as. jeweller / cutter (6 episodes, 2010)Naomi Spicer as. costume props assistant (6 episodes, 2010)Steven Starkey as. key art finisher (6 episodes, 2010)Amy Wright as. costume props (6 episodes, 2010)Lara Blomfield as. stand-by costumer (5 episodes, 2010)Zoe Boyle as. costume runner (5 episodes, 2010)Helen Fuller as. costume props supervisor (5 episodes, 2010)Sarah Jones as. key stand-by costumer (5 episodes, 2010)Steve Manning as. leather worker (5 episodes, 2010)Ymre Molnar as. costume props (5 episodes, 2010)Michael Williams as. art finisher assistant (5 episodes, 2010)Naomi Campbell as. stand-by costume assistant (4 episodes, 2010)Aleisha Hall as. key stand-by costumer: extras (4 episodes, 2010)Veronica Harland as. cutter (4 episodes, 2010)Lachlan Mayclair as. stitcher (4 episodes, 2010)Mollie Barr as. stand-by costume assistant: extras (3 episodes, 2010)Andrea Matysik as. stitcher (2 episodes, 2010)Adair Rattray as. stand-by costume assistant: extras (2 episodes, 2010) Series Editorial DepartmentDaisy Lawless as. junior assistant editor (13 episodes, 2010)Tom Preston as. post-production coordinator (13 episodes, 2010)Matt Tate as. senior assistant editor / first assistant editor (13 episodes, 2010)Peter Williams as. digital colorist / digital intermediate colorist (13 episodes, 2010)Margaux Peach as. post-production assistant (12 episodes, 2010)Paul Blenkiron as. post-production runner (6 episodes, 2010)Ilya Klarich as. second assistant editor (6 episodes, 2010)Hamid Slaimankhel as. assistant editor (6 episodes, 2010) Series Music DepartmentJason Smith as. music editor (11 episodes, 2010)Scott Davidson as. mix engineer: LoDuca Music / music mix engineer: LoDuca Music (6 episodes, 2010)Joshua Mathews as. engineer (6 episodes, 2010) Series Transportation DepartmentJulie Gunson as. cast driver (6 episodes, 2010)Greg Quinn as. cast driver (6 episodes, 2010)Scott Chiplin as. cast driver (5 episodes, 2010) Series Other crewBrent Fletcher as. story editor (13 episodes, 2010)Kylie Gaudin as. production coordinator (13 episodes, 2010)Aaron Helbing as. staff writer (13 episodes, 2010)Todd Helbing as. staff writer (13 episodes, 2010)Aaron Irvin as. historical consultant (13 episodes, 2010)Miranda Kwok as. staff writer (13 episodes, 2010)Caroline MacVicar as. assistant: Mr. Tapert / assistant to producer (13 episodes, 2010)Anna Randall as. assistant production coordinator (13 episodes, 2010)Jeffrey Stevens as. historical consultant (13 episodes, 2010)Steven Belgard as. publicity team (12 episodes, 2010)Thiago Moraes as. stand-in (11 episodes, 2010)Andrew Chambliss as. story editor (10 episodes, 2010)Jill Soper as. cast manager (7 episodes, 2010)Romel Adam as. assistant to producer (6 episodes, 2010)Sherie Baines as. production accountant (6 episodes, 2010)Tim Burnell as. production runner (6 episodes, 2010)Ben Dailey as. production coordinator (6 episodes, 2010)Norm Hadrup as. craft service (6 episodes, 2010)Lyn Hamilton as. epk producer (6 episodes, 2010)Zo Hartley as. stand-in (6 episodes, 2010)Patrick Hawkins as. set production assistant (6 episodes, 2010)Abby Jones as. craft service (6 episodes, 2010)Monique Kelly as. behind-the-scenes (6 episodes, 2010)David Kob as. writers production assistant (6 episodes, 2010)Mark Leitner as. script coordinator (6 episodes, 2010)Bren MacKenzie as. accounting assistant (6 episodes, 2010)Sue May as. unit publicist (6 episodes, 2010)Jonny McBride as. production runner (6 episodes, 2010)Holly McIvor as. production assistant / assistant to producer (6 episodes, 2010)Allison Miller as. assistant: Steven S. DeKnight (6 episodes, 2010)Bryce Pearce as. safety officer (6 episodes, 2010)Jason Seitu as. unit assistant (6 episodes, 2010)Jordi Scott Smith as. unit best boy (6 episodes, 2010)Karl Smith as. studio manager (6 episodes, 2010)Lissa-Mia Smith as. first assistant accountant / payroll accountant (6 episodes, 2010)Mandalina Stanisich as. accounting assistant (6 episodes, 2010)Shaina Steinberg as. assistant to writers (6 episodes, 2010)Elaine Te as. production secretary (6 episodes, 2010)Lydia Trickey as. assistant to producer (6 episodes, 2010)Jason Wood as. assistant to producer (6 episodes, 2010)Aria Harrison as. script supervisor (5 episodes, 2010)Linda Musson as. set production assistant (5 episodes, 2010)Mike Sammons as. set production assistant (5 episodes, 2010)Marjan Gorgani as. extras coordinator (4 episodes, 2010)Monique Knight as. script supervisor (4 episodes, 2010)Dianne Moffatt as. script supervisor (4 episodes, 2010)Alicia-Lee as. payroll accountant (3 episodes, 2010)Tracy Bellomo as. story editor (3 episodes, 2010)Esther Schmidt as. first assistant accountant (3 episodes, 2010)Kris Done as. stand-in (2 episodes, 2010)Eddy Fifield as. production runner (2 episodes, 2010)Harry Harrison as. location manager (2 episodes, 2010) Production CompaniesStarz MediaStarz ProductionsDistributorsHBO Hungary (2010) (Hungary) (TV)RTL Crime (2010-) (Germany) (TV)RTL Entertainment (2010) (Netherlands) (TV) (RTL5)Star Channel (2010) (Japan) (TV)Starz! Network (2010) (USA) (TV)Other CompaniesBackground Talent  extras castingCunning Stunts Limited  stunt equipmentGoldcrest Post Production London  ADR FacilityVarèse Sarabande  soundtrack Additional DetailsAlso Known As: “Spartacus: Vengeance” – USA (second season title) See more » Runtime:USA:60 min Country:USALanguage:EnglishColor:Color Aspect Ratio:1.78 : 1 See more »Sound Mix:Dolby Digital Certification:USA:TV-MA | Netherlands:16 | South Korea:18 | New Zealand:R18 | Australia:R (DVD rating) | UK:18 (DVD rating)Filming Locations:Auckland, New ZealandSee more »Company:Starz MediaSee more »Did You Know? Trivia:According to historians, 90% of gladiators survived their matches.See more » Movie Connections:Featured in "The Wright Stuff: Episode #13.35" (2010)See more »

Plot : Watch the account of history’s superlative gladiator unfold plus graphic violence plus particular sex. This is Spartacus.

Run Time : USA:60 min

Country : USA

Language : English

Filming Locations : Auckland, New Zealand

Company : Starz Media

Plot Summary :

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