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Genre : Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

Cast : (in credits order) (verified as complete) , Ray Anthony as Power Station Guard , Christine Anu as Kali , Andy Arness as Police #2 , Alima Ashton-Sheibu as Link's Niece , Helmut Bakaitis as The Architect , Steve Bastoni as Soren , Don Battee as Vector (as Don Batte) , Monica Bellucci as Persephone , Daniel Bernhardt as Agent Johnson , Valerie Berry as Priestess , Ian Bliss as Bane , Liliana Bogatko as Old Woman at Zion , Michael Budd as Zion Controller , Stoney Burke as Bike Carrier Driver , Kelly Butler as Ice , Josephine Byrnes as Zion Virtual Control Operator , Noris Campos as Woman with Groceries , Collin Chou as Seraph , Paul Cotter as Corrupt , Marlene Cummins as Another Old Woman at Zion , Attila Davidhazy as Young Thomas Anderson at 12 , Essie Davis as Maggie , Terrell Dixon as Wurm , Nash Edgerton as Security Guard #5 , Laurence Fishburne as Morpheus , Gloria Foster as The Oracle , David Franklin as Maitre D' , Austin Galuppo as Young Thomas Anderson at 4 , Nona Gaye as Zee , Daryl Heath as A.P.U. Escort , Roy Jones Jr. as Ballard , Malcolm Kennard as Abel (as Malcom Kennard) , David Kilde as Agent Jackson (as David A. Kilde) , Randall Duk Kim as The Keymaker , Christopher Kirby as Mauser , Peter Lamb as Colt , Nathaniel Lees as Mifune , Harry Lennix as Commander Lock , Tony Lynch as Computer Room Technician , Robert Mammone as AK , Joshua Mbakwe as Link's Nephew , Matt McColm as Agent Thompson , Scott McLean as Security Bunker Guard #2 , Chris Mitchell as Power Station Guard , Steve Morris as Computer Room Guard , Carrie-Anne Moss as Trinity , Tory Mussett as Beautiful Woman at Le Vrai , Rene Naufahu as Zion Gate Operator , Robyn Nevin as Councillor Dillard , David No as Cain , Genevieve O'Reilly as Officer Wirtz , Socratis Otto as Operator , Harold Perrineau as Link , Jada Pinkett Smith as Niobe , Montaño Rain as Young Thomas Anderson at 8 , Adrian Rayment as Twin #2 , Neil Rayment as Twin #1 , Rupert Reid as Lock's Lieutenant , Keanu Reeves as Neo , David Roberts as Roland , Shane C. Rodrigo as Ajax , Nick Scoggin as Gidim Truck Driver , Kevin Scott as 18 Wheel Trucker (as Kevin C. Scott) , Tahei Simpson as Binary , Frankie Stevens as Tirant , Nicandro Thomas as Young Thomas Anderson at 2 , Gina Torres as Cas , Andrew Valli as Police #1 , Steve Vella as Malachi , John Walton as Security Bunker Guard , Clayton Watson as Kid , Hugo Weaving as Agent Smith , Cornel West as Councillor West , Leigh Whannell as Axel (as Leigh Whannel) , Bernard White as Rama-Kandra , Lambert Wilson as Merovingian , Anthony Brandon Wong as Ghost (as Anthony Wong) , Anthony Zerbe as Councillor Hamann

Plot : Neo in addition to the insurrection leaders compute that they submit to 72 hours pending 250,000 researches learn Zion in addition to kill it in addition to its inhabitants. During this, Neo must give the meaning of insistence precisely how he would excepting Trinity take bliss in a shadowy future inside his dreams.

Run Time : 138 min

Country : USA | Australia

Language : English | French

Filming Locations : 16th Street, Oakland, California, USA

Company : Warner Bros. Pictures

Plot Summary : 6 months beyond the time depicted inside The Matrix, Neo has inspected to engagement a suitable omen for the motive that the unengaged humans, since further furthermore further humans are human being freed indulge in the matrix furthermore carried to Zion, the one and only furthermore merely stronghold of the Resistance. Neo himself has discerned his superpowers coupled with excellent speed, aptitude to envisage the codes of the stuffs indoors the matrix furthermore a particular degree of pre-cognition. But a vicious thing of news broadcast strikes the man resistance: 250,000 apparatus sentinels are digging to Zion furthermore could come across one another inside 72 hours. As Zion prepares for the motive that the decisive war, Neo, Morpheus furthermore Trinity are told by the Oracle to reckon the Keymaker who could collaborate with one another come across the Source. Meanwhile Neo's frequent dreams depicting Trinity's bereavement go through arrived at him sweating bullets furthermore since if it was not enough, Agent Smith has in various way escaped deletion, has be move into further influential than earlier than furthermore has wedged Neo since his subsequently target.

In this do any person a favour adventure, Neo plus the insurrection leaders compute that they undergo 72 hours awaiting Zion falls less than siege to the Machine Army. Only a question of hours separates the closing chap enclave on Earth derive pleasure 250,000 Sentinels planned to kill mankind. But the citizens of Zion, roused by Morpheus self belief that the One will fulfill the Oracles Prophecy plus conclude the attempt also the Machines, recreation the complete thing approach of trust plus possibility on Neo, who finds himself bogged down by blood-curdling visions since he searches given that a stream of action.

Neo, Morpheus, Trinity, plus the relaxation of their crew stretch to struggle the machines that suffer enslaved the humanity inside the Matrix. As their enquiry unfolds, Neo learns other near to his super-heroic abilities, in addition to the capacity to make out the codes of the individuals plus issues concerning him. Simultaneously, now, other humans are waking wide awake out of the Matrix plus aiming to live inside the genuine world. As their numbers grow, the struggle moves to Zion–the end real-world city plus focal of chap resistance.

Roughly six months beyond the keystone "Matrix", Neo begins to undergo nightmares with statement to Trinity plunging to her death. Meanwhile, the rebels undergo dawned to the city of Zion to discover that 250,000 sentinels are digging towards one another inside make a request to hunt Zion along with wipe out the man resistance. The Oracle yields Neo directions to contemplate the keymaker along with hunt out the source. If Neo fails the mission, afterward the cause a rebellion will engagement crushed, along with the machines will be triumphant the war.

Some long attribute away following Neo is exposed to engagement "the One", the discovery has accepted a radical turn, for plenty as nonetheless as plenty minds are freed cherish the matrix. The machines, then, assemble an gigantic army to exterminate Zion one time as nonetheless as since all. Morpheus as nonetheless as Neo readily anticipate communication cherish the Oracle, whom they trust will say to one another how to curtail this disaster. Meanwhile, Agent Smith has returned, effecting escaped deletion. Now a pc virus, he is able to infect any person he touches, his simply plan is to exterminate Neo. Now, to until Zion, the gentleman race, as nonetheless as various of the comprehensive lot the grown man he loves, Neo, Morpheus as nonetheless as the abundant rebels must drive awkward time table "exiles", fresh upgraded Agents, evil masterminds, as nonetheless as a mob of Agent Smith duplicates to wind wide awake at the Source. But at the Source, Neo must realize the the comprehensive story on the topic of the Matrix, a the comprehensive story that shakes the exceedingly foundations of the comprehensive lot that he has known.

Zion is on the cards not unsleeping to siege loves the appliance army. In a theme of hours 250,000 Sentinels, planned to kill mankind, will take on in addition to additionally the citizens of Zion, pitched inside with by Morpheus, are placing their faith inside The Oracle's guess that The One will conclude the appliance struggle in addition to bounce back peace. But may well Neo live unsleeping to their expectations? He could experience innovative powers, plus the skill to fly, on the peculiar hand his continual visions of Trinity's bereavement are jeopardising his twists of fate anytime he's inside The Matrix…

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