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Director : Michael Bay

Genre : Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

Cast : , Shia LaBeouf as Sam Witwicky, Leonard Nimoy as Sentinel Prime (voice), Hugo Weaving as Megatron (voice), Josh Duhamel as Major William Lennox, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley as Carly, John Malkovich as Bruce, Patrick Dempsey as Dylan, Ken Jeong, Alan Tudyk as Dutch, Frances McDormand as Marissa Faireborn, Tyrese Gibson as Robert Epps, John Turturro as Simmons, Frank Welker as Soundwave (voice), Karyn Parsons as Erica Banes, Tom Kenny as Wheelie (voice), Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime (voice), Kevin Dunn as Ron Witwicky, James Avery as Silverbolt (voice), Keiko Agena as Mearing's Aide, Julie White as Judy Witwicky, Lester Speight as Hardcore Eddie, Glenn Morshower as General Morshower, Charles Adler as Starscream (voice) (as Charlie Andler), Robert Foxworth as Ratchet (voice), Kym Whitley as Jessica Morgan, Mark Ryan as (voice), Jess Harnell as Ironhide (voice), LaMonica Garrett as General Morshowers Aide, Elena Kolpachikova as Russian, Anthony Azizi as Lt. Sulemani, Lindsey Ginter as NASA Scientist, Kathleen Gati as Russian Bartender, Darren O'Hare as Berated NASA Scientist, David St. James as NASA scientist, Jack Donner as Jack, Chris Sheffield as Pimply Executive, Kevin Sizemore as Stevens, Robert Herrick as Josh, Brett Stimely as President, Michael Loeffelholz as Executive Interviewer, Darcy Leutzinger as SWAT Team Leader, Scott Levy as USAF Tech Sergeant Allen, Markiss McFadden as Baby Face Soldier, David Hutchison as Marissa Faireborn's Secret Service Agent, Joel Shock as USN Lt. Brenneman, Bob Kaye as Secret Service, Scott C. Roe as Sergeant Nelson, Denny Torich as Air Force Pilot, Rob Guzzo as Lennox's Team – Zimmerman, Steve Hersack as Lt. Col. NEST Aide., Annie Hsu as Secretary, Matt McVay as Tracking Station Crew, Jason Endicott as Mearing's Aide #2, Morgan Williams as Chuck , Nick Afanasiev as Accuretta Employee (uncredited), Bryan Basil as Club Patron (uncredited), Nathaniel Best as Military Soldier (uncredited), Anthony Bonaventura as Accuretta Agent (uncredited), Ryan Buckley as NEST Soldier (uncredited), Michael Daniel Cassady as NASA Launch Tech (1969) (uncredited), Jason Adam Chaffin as Extra (uncredited), Larry Clarke as NASA Scientist (uncredited), Cameron Comstock as Ukrainian Guard (uncredited), Adam Critchlow as Marine Officer (uncredited), Andrew Daly as Office Worker (uncredited), John Dezsi as Businessman (uncredited), Gena Ellis as Downtown Pedestrian (uncredited), John Farrer as United Nations Delegate (uncredited), Maile Flanagan as Acuretta Generous Woman (uncredited), Reese Foster as Accuretta Employee (uncredited), Corin Grant as NEST Soldier (uncredited), Marie Grujicic as Russian Lady (uncredited), Terrick Guindy as Welder (uncredited), Niki Haze as Extra (uncredited), William Haze as FBI Agent (uncredited), Jesse Heiman as Mail Room worker (uncredited), Haytham Kandil as Iraqi Rebel (uncredited), Josh Kelly as Epps Team – Stone (uncredited), Inna Korobkina as Russian Woman (uncredited), Erik Kowalski as Nest Team Soldier (uncredited), Scott Krinsky as Accuretta Executive (uncredited), Joel Lambert as Nest Tech (uncredited), Noelle Lynn as Sam's Neighbor (uncredited), Taylor McCluskey as Office Employee (uncredited), Alecia McGill as Mansion Waitress (uncredited), Ray Mirabal as Ground Crew (uncredited), Michael Morana as White House Staff (uncredited), Prida Moreza as Accuretta Copy Machine Employee (uncredited), Paul D. Morgan as Soldier (uncredited), Dean Napolitano as FBI Agent (uncredited), Jason Neisewander as Extra (uncredited), Daniel Okeefe as Bully Boy (uncredited), Michael Palma as Accuretta Employee (uncredited), Alan Pietruszewski as NASA Mission Controller (1969) (uncredited), Drew Pillsbury as Secretary of Defense (1962) (uncredited), Reina Poindexter as Fitzgerald- DC Police (uncredited), Christina Putnam as Accuretta Employee (uncredited), Zoran Radanovich as Russian Bouncer (uncredited), Leonard Jonathan Ruebe as NEST Soldier (uncredited), Michael Saglimbeni as Lt. Colonel – Pentagon (uncredited), Noah J. Smith as PT Soldier (uncredited), Robert Paul Taylor as Iraqi Rebel (uncredited), Stephen Taylor as Evil Mailroom Guy (uncredited), John Turk as Gateguard #2 (uncredited), William Waddell Jr. as Extra (uncredited), James D. Weston II as Military Soldier (uncredited), Robert Wetterlund as Military Soldier (uncredited), Paul W Wilson as Ukrainian Guard (uncredited), Karen E. Wright as Secretary to Head of NASA (uncredited)

Plot : The Autobots notice of a Cybertronian spacecraft privy on the Moon, plus race opposed to the Decepticons to make it plus notice its secrets, which can flick the tide inside the Transformers’ end battle. |

Country : USA

Filming Locations : Cambodia

Company : Hasbro

Plot Summary :

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