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Director : Michael Keusch

Genre : Action, Thriller

Cast : : , Steven Seagal as John Sands , Steve Toussaint as Ratcher , Angus MacInnes as General Barnes , Mark Bazeley as Jannick , Ciera Payton as Jessica , Alki David as Rojar , Tim Woodward as Admiral Pendleton , Vincenzo Nicoli as Stone , Katie Jones as Eliana , Bart Sidles as Captain 'Fox' Hinkle , Cristina Teodorescu as Liza , Rares George Panfil as Williams , Noah Lee Margetts as Eliana's Soldier , Karen Shenaz David as General Barnes's OPS Soldier (as Karen David) , Daniel Rymer as Detective #1 (as Dan Rymer)

Plot : John, is sent inside to convalesce a stolen Stealth Bomber. His at the helm of sidekick Rojar also John’s always reasonable Jessica… more |

Run Time : 98 min

Country : UK | Romania | USA

Language : English

Filming Locations : Bucharest, Romania

Company : Castel Film Romania

Trivia : Except as Seagal’s personality creating a gloomy CIA-type past, Flight of Fury is an just about scene-by-scene re-creation of the 1988 Michael Dudikoff motorized vehicle Black Thunder (1998/II). Despite this, the person behind of “Black Thunder,” William C. Martell, acquired no official credit as the screenplay, barely a “thanks” buried inside the whole credits of “Flight of Fury.” Steven Seagal in addition to his authoring husband ‘Joe Halpin’ acquired choked credit as the screenplay.

Goofs : Plot holes: Despite the admiral human being briefed by the common more than an open radio, as well as enlisted body of workers indoors earshot, he informs the CAG in a while that it is a “need to know” mission.

Tag Lines : A flight plan to freedom…

Plot Summary : John, is sent inside to get well a stolen Stealth Bomber. His accountable for sidekick Rojar along with John’s always reliable Jessica, dispute the revolt forces of Banansistan, led by the vivacious Ellianna.

–**Contains Spoilers**—-Air Force steer John Sands has been wrongfully imprisoned inside a defense force incarceration center, where his memory is to troth chemically wiped as sundry of his superiors perceive threatened by the data that he made it to fancy his assignments to operations that were valued overly perplexing as the ordinary cranium services. Later, subsequent to John escapes fancy the incarceration center, a overshadow confidential Air Force Stealth Bomber detected because the X-77, which roads the most modern inside stealth cloaking technology, turning up had of pouring somewhere undetected, is stolen by corrupt Air Force steer Ratcher. General Tom Barnes, John’s prior commander, hears that John has been arrested subsequent to seizing gulp a bracket of persons who were robbing a entertainment stop. Knowing that John was Ratcher’s trainer, Barnes pass on John to northern Afghanistan in addition to beau steer Rick Jannick to bounce back the X-77, promising John that he will troth a free of charge grown-up if he succeeds. Barnes has Admiral Frank Pendleton, who is on an aircraft carrier inside the Gulf of Arabia, stock a lineup of pilots on standby merely inside case an air wrestle necessitate to troth set out on the multifaceted where the X-77 has been hidden. Before John plus Jannick get here inside Afghanistan, a Navy SEAL lineup that was launched there to link up one another is wiped out by a bracket of persons led by Eliana Reed. Not lengthy subsequent to John plus Jannick arrive, Eliana kidnaps Jannick, plus she takes out him to her boss, Peter Stone, the grown-up who spent Ratcher $100,000,000 to sneak the X-77. Later, inside a village about to Stone’s compound, John meets unsleeping in addition to his contacts Jessica plus Rojar. Jessica tells John that the SEAL lineup was killed. As it turns out, Stone was born fancy a Muslim mamma plus a British father. Stone felt dried-up his adolescence inside the Middle East, other than was knowledgeable at Oxford. Stone’s mamma was wiped out inside an wrestle by U.S. troops throughout Desert Storm, plus because a result, a vengeful Stone set out to financing terrorist groups, plus soon orchestrated the Black Sunday terrorist group. Eliana is Stone’s second-in-command. She successions in addition to different guerrilla sets inside the region, falling in Stone the basis he needs. Three time ago, Stone negotiated his policy into a chief arms deal, which was brokered by Eliana. Now, Stone purposes to track the X-77 plus its pinpoint gracefulness to bead of sweat two biological warfare bombs undetected — one amongst one another on Europe, plus one amongst one another on the USA. Stone purposes to pay Ratcher an extra $100,000,000 to soar the X-77 plus bead of sweat the two bombs. That is Stone’s configured vengeance as his mother’s death. John, Jessica, plus Rojar style purposes to acquire into Stone’s multifaceted plus begin an attack, other than Stone has on the subject matter of 60 heavily equipped mercenaries guarding the compound. John, Jessica, plus Rojar will ought to do whatsoever it takes out to acquire ancient times the mercenaries, rescue Jannick, plus impede Ratcher, Eliana, plus Stone.

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