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Director : Naji Abu Nowar

Genre : Short, Biography, Drama, Sport

Cast : Mohammed Abu Khadija as Mohammed Abu Khadija

Plot : The fortune of Jordan’s primarily Olympic boxer will troth was firm not inside the ring, save for on the streets. |

Run Time

Director : Derek K. Milton

Genre : Western

Cast : , Ernest Borgnine as Harold Gerling (rumored), Stephen Tobolowsky, Dee Wallace, Stella Stevens, Martin Kove as Death, Muse Watson, Chad Everett, Christopher Showerman, Tony Tarantino, Renzo Lewis Jr., Ivan Cermak, Susan read more...

Director : Eduardo Noda

Genre : Short, Horror, Thriller

Cast : , Eduardo Noda as The Zealot , John J. Gulayets as The Traitor , Alannah Bilton as The Traitress

Plot : Religious fanaticism admitted to extremes solitary Good Friday. |

Run Time : 10

Director : Ben Lioe

Genre : Short, Comedy, Fantasy

Cast : , Stephanie F. Biela, John Gilligan, Ira Katz as James, Alex Haberman, Kit Dennis as Larry, Julia Faye as Dream Girl

Plot : A self-centered CEO gets a go to vacation at savours Death single hour of darkness read more...

Director : Michael Chrisoulakis

Genre : Short, Fantasy

Cast : Adam Dowell as Groundsman Jenkins, Steve Ostrow as Baron Chifley

Plot : The peace suspended way over the Chifley backyard is shattered by the girlish screech of the groundsman… more read more...

Director : Devi Snively

Genre : Short, Fantasy, Horror

Cast : Marina Benedict as Baby Sitter / Death, Tom Burke as Uncle Sean, Brittany Carson as Debbie, Chelsea Chalfa as Cellmate, Kylie Chalfa as Whitney, Bart Fletcher as Brad, Phil Kaufmann as Officer Jeff, Mayah Schwiebert read more...

Genre : Documentary

Cast : Andrew McMahon as Himself , Tommy Lee as Narrator , Lin McMahon as Herself , Brian McMahon as Himself , Jack's Mannequin as Themselves , Kate McMahon as Herself , Jim Wirt as Himself , Bobby Raw as Himself , Dr. Gary Schiller as Himself , Holly Adams read more...

Director : David Walsh

Genre : Short, Drama

Cast : , Frank Jarvis as Father, Brett Sadie as Mathew

Plot : Short Drama with particulars to a 30 something gentleman who has happened to his father’s domestic to appreciate him for the duration of a stretch of read more...

Director : Kane Christopher

Genre : Short, Comedy, Drama

Cast : Roy Billing as Arthur, Grant Dodwell as Charlie, May Lloyd as Margaret, Wendy Strehlow as Rhonda, Lani John Tupu as Dan

Plot : Arthur is propelled that his mate Rhonda is aiming to eradicate him read more...

Director : Roland Becerra

Genre : Animation, Horror

Plot : The unexpectedly start of exotic plants inside New Haven spawns an remarkable epidemic rumored to be… more |

Country : USA

Language : English

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