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Director : Blair Cosby

Genre : Short, Drama, Romance

Cast : , Stacey LaBerge as Lindsey, Robert Dubois as Carl

Plot : When Carl’s remedy setback drags him to rock bottom, he endeavors to reconcile as well as his ex-girlfriend, without destroying his read more...

Director : Jonathan Massey

Genre : Horror, Thriller

Plot : A emotional thriller along with an full assessment into man conduct not unsleeping to intense circumstances. |

Run Time : 80 min

Country : USA

Language : English

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Director : Donal MacIntyre

Genre : Short, Action, Adventure, Biography, Crime, Drama, Family, Fantasy

Plot : A tender gal gainsays her father, beyond a life of undercover exert has departed him an mental void… more |

Run Time : 10 min

Country :

Genre : Comedy

Cast : (Series Cast Summary – 4 of 7) , André van Duin as Bep / as (12 episodes, 2009), Ferry de Groot as Meneer de Groot / as (11 episodes, 2009), Frits Bom as Frits Bom (10 episodes, 2009), Corry van Gorp as Mevrouw de Bok (8 episodes, read more...

Director : Andy Holton

Genre : Short, Comedy, Drama, Family, Sport

Cast : , Trenton Rogers as Chad Taylor, Andy Holton as Tim Porter, Lily Rogers as Sally Taylor, Alyse Stewart as Little Girl On Beach, Kathryn Stewart as Mom, Walter Holton as Wallace Jones

Plot :

Genre : Drama

Cast : , Rip Torn as Tom, David James as David Henry, Patrick Downs as Band Member, Philipp Wolter as Michael, Dan Roentsch as Dan, Robert Postrozny as Steve, Susanna Apgar as Robyn, Ezekiel Baskin as Angel, Jeannine Haas as Brenda Kilgallen, Cameron Foley as The Baby, Linda read more...

Director : Vince Sweeney

Genre : Drama

Cast : , Sean Gullette as Mr. Johnston , Eric Sweeney as J.T. , Audra Glyn Smith as Sara other cast: , Bo Keister as Kyle, Scott Strasbaugh as Store Clerk, Taylor August Freeman as Brad, John R. Price II as Knife salesman, Ellie St. read more...

Director : Terrence Hayes

Genre : Short, Drama

Cast : Robin Borovic as Maeve, Peter Giles as John

Plot : Maeve, an player alive inside Palm Springs who endeavors and a deep intimate decease for her marital relationship hangs by a thread… more |

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Genre : Short, Drama, Family

Cast : Frank Ponce as Adam , Mellie Boozer as Megan , Patrick Jordan as Perry , John Allen as Wilson , Spenser Pollard as Young Adam , Ron Stafford as Fred , Julianna Alibozek as Young Megan , James Harvley as Elder Perry , Joanna Jones as Grandmother read more...

Director : Oh Eun Lee

Genre : Animation, Short

Cast : Viola Groenhart as The Face, Oh Eun Lee as The Voice

Country : France

Language : English

Company : Le Fresnoy Studio National des Arts Contemporains

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