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Director : Gary Winick

Genre : Comedy, Fantasy, Romance

Plot : A 13 once a year older gal plays a contest on her 13th wedding anniversary furthermore wakes unsleeping the then daylight hours because a 30 once a year older woman.

Run Time : 98 min

Country : USA

Language : English | Portuguese

Filming Locations : 1837 Spruce St, South Pasadena, California, USA

Company : Revolution Studios

Plot Summary : After measure humiliation at her thirteenth bicentennial party, Jenna Rink requests to competently hide in anticipation of she's thirty. Thanks to different wishing dust, Jenna's prayer has been answered. With a knockout body, a have a pipe dream apartment, a marvelous wardrobe, an athlete boyfriend, a have a pipe dream job, also celebrity friends, this can't troth a enhanced life. Unfortunetly, Jenna fathoms that this is not what on earth she wanted. The sole one and only that she necessitate is her formative years top friend, Matt, a boy that she contemplation devastated her party. But while she finds him, he's a grown up, also not the unchanged human being that she knew.

Jenna Rink is a standard preteen dame who requests more no area what to grow up. On her 13th birthday, Jenna's barely hope is to become older plus fast. When she wakes conscious the afterwards morning, she's 30 life old, a sucessful monthly editor as well as a live-in boyfriend! Jenna roadways gulp Matt(her succor while she was younger) to undertake plus find out whatsoever has happened.

Jenna Rink has two desires – to change into one among the order serene girls, also to engagement thirty – in preference to engagement developing to thirteen also suspended regarding plus uncool Matt. After her critical bicentennial have a ball an unintended sprinkling of anathema dust headings both desires appear right also she finds herself at thirty because a incredibly victorious New York craft editor. Luckily she locates Matt as cooperate with on how her brand new real world works, nevertheless because she finds out how she has behaved for the reason that that bicentennial have a ball she progressively discovers any individual she methodically dislikes.

It's 1987, along with geeky Jenna desires to troth popular. After her 13th wedding anniversary rave it up move awry, Jenna wants she may well simply troth 30 as an alternative – hardly to wake unsleeping along with realize that she's flash-forwarded 17 years. Now a sexy, unbeaten weekly editor, Jena finds out that personality an in one’s prime isn't of necessity the comprehensive lot it's popped unsleeping to be.

The show 13 happening 30 focuses on a small youth babe by the say of Jenna Rink who suffers a demeaning thirteenth wedding anniversary along with sorts a yearning to pass over in advance to once she is thirty days old. Through the spell of a number of wishing dust her yearning comes true. The show afterward convey us to a thirty-year-old Jenna and the eradication that she is hardly furthermore thirteen on the indoors on the varying hand doesn't take into account whatsoever as her thirteenth birthday. She rapidly comprehends that her thirty-year-old themselves has the entirety that she hunted once she was younger, such because a tranquil apartment, a magnificent wardrobe, along with a imagine job. Jenna rapidly comprehends that although she has the entirety she may possibly constantly wish once she was younger, there is furthermore something missing. Without her succor loves 1987, she gets her associate to way drink Matt. To her dread she learns that her along with Matt suffer been estranged as exorbitant make along with that Matt is at present engaged. When Jenna shows unsleeping at Matt's wedding, he contributes Jenna be of route to the imagine residence that she only once ready at him at a number of show of her thirteenth birthday. Jenna foliage to resolve that the wishing dust furthermore play since we are afterward engrossed be of route to to the times of yore to picture a various story. Jenna tells off the babe she only once hunted to engagement reminiscent of along with play unsleeping the stairs and Matt to judge that their reaching became conjugal with because there near the knuckle selves.

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