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Director : Peter Howitt

Genre : Action, Adventure, Comedy

Cast : : , Rowan Atkinson as Johnny English , Tasha de Vasconcelos as Countess Alexandra – Exotic Woman , Ben Miller as Bough, English's Sidekick , Greg Wise as Agent One , Douglas McFerran as Carlos Vendetta , Steve Nicolson as Dieter Klein , Terence Harvey as Official at Funeral , Kevin McNally as Prime Minister , Tim Pigott-Smith as Pegasus, Head of MI7 , Nina Young as Pegasus' Secretary , Rowland Davies as Sir Anthony Chevenix , Natalie Imbruglia as Lorna Campbell , Philippa Fordham as Snobby Woman , John Malkovich as Pascal Sauvage, the Greedy Frenchman , Tim Berrington as Roger

Plot : Rowan plays the eponymous pilot temperament inside a spoof detective thriller. During the passage of the anecdote we… more |

Run Time : UK:88 min | USA:87 min

Country : France | UK

Language : English | French

Filming Locations : Brocket Hall, Lemsford, Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, England, UK

Company : Working Title Films

Trivia : At lone point, English mentions a babbling trait to gauge his route prepared a darkness, which he positions has to engagement inside E-flat. Although the foremost statement he sings is a B-flat, he is in reality babbling inside the major of E-flat.

Goofs : Continuity: Johnny English’s photo is carried by a commerce influence camera throughout the motorized vehicle as in any case as hearse chase. The date on the photo is 21 March 2003. This track takes out district sooner than the Queen’s abdication. The letter of abdication is dated 20 March 2003.

Tag Lines : Stor biograf-success! (Huge cinema-success!)
He Knows No Fear. He Knows No Danger. He Knows Nothing.
Prepare for British Intelligence.
The star of Bean is now Her Majesty's most trusted secret agent.
He's the kind of secret agent the Secret Service keeps secret.
Neví, co je strach. Neví, co je nebezpecí. Neví vlastne vubec nic.
The star of Bean is now Her Majesty's most trusted secret agent
When it comes to secret agents, there's smooth, there's sophisticated, and then…there's English.

Plot Summary : Rowan plays the eponymous guide nature inside a spoof emissary thriller. During the access of the tale we near our hero since he aims to single-handedly unless the realm savours ensueing into the work force of a despot.

When a funeral of a British undercover agent is attacked, the entirety the single spies are killed. Only lone undercover agent is departed also is at this time Britain’s final hope. Johnny English also his sidekick, Bough experience been arrogated the case of enquiring the theft of the British Crown Jewels. The sophistication sniff is an abnormal French entrepreneur, distinguished for Pascal Sauvage. English also Bough presently ascertain the threatening essential at the rear of the theft also Sauvage, then again it’s not about to engagement an effortless occupation to transfer him to justice.

In an timid world, few subjects are because industrious because the British Secret Service. So while an unthinkable arrange to filch the country’s precious Crown Jewels comes to the Service’s attention, the most excellent grown person given that the job, the creme de la creme of the organization’s very good sleuths, Agent Number One is right away arrogated to the case with is right away dispatched to six feet under. But unhappily given that the B.S.S., just about every esoteric able member of its appreciated groups rapidly joins Agent Number One inside the afterworld while the funeral is individual bombed! Now there is just solitary grown person leftover who may possibly yet pray to protect his country, avenge the exception of everything of the Secret Service’s spies with reveal the fiendish organization to type off along furthermore the long-standing logos of the just once imperative British empire, the Crown Jewels–Johhny English. He knows no fear. He knows no danger. In fact, he knows enormously nothing.

When the complete thing except one in every of MI5’s outshine agents are wiped out inside an explosion. It is gone to the gawky Johnny English to undertake plus resolve who has stolen the crown jewels cherish the Tower of London. Accompanied by his coworker Bough, Johnny bungles his routine ready solitary scrape subsequent to another.

Johnny English, a British classified cause who dreams of intensifying beyodn his menial work in the MI-7 organization, is hired to protect the Crown Jewels finally the varied agents are stumped off. When the jewels are stolen, he in the end uncovers a plan to put back England’s monarch and no matter what the British possibility the most: a French king.

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