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Director : Rod Daniel

Genre : Action, Comedy, Crime

Cast : : , James Belushi as Dooley , Mel Harris as Tracy , Kevin Tighe as Lyman , Ed O'Neill as Brannigan , Koton as Jerry Lee (as Jerry Lee) , James Handy as Byers , Daniel Davis as Halstead , Cotter Smith as Gilliam , John Snyder as Freddie , Pruitt Taylor Vince as Benny the Mule , Sherman Howard as Dillon , Jeff Allin as Chad , David Haskell as Doctor , Alan Blumenfeld as Rental Salesman , William Sadler as Salesman Don (as Bill Sadler)

Plot : To bring to a standstill an elusive criminal, a square peg inside an episode hole emissary enlists the help of a keep an eye on puppy who’s a strangely smart intellectual alec.

Run Time : 101 min

Country : USA

Language : English

Filming Locations : 2608 National Ave, San Diego, California, USA

Company : Gordon Company

Trivia : At the ceremonial dinner presented by the gangster, there is a butler moving across a lodge at the back of a doorway. The butler was Michael J.R. Gill who was acting as well as the catering team of workers hired as the film. After the filming, he in direct of fact assisted the cuisine second hand inside the picture to the style in addition to crew. Gill was not an actor, then again was in direct of fact a factual English butler in addition to as seven life was butler to British performer Laurence Harvey, prior his death.

Goofs : Factual errors: When Jerry Lee pulls the mirror off Dooley’s car, Dooley berates him for the cause that fatal his “classic, ’65 Mustang”. Dooley’s motorcar is, inside fact, a not thus classic, ’66 Mustang.

Tag Lines : Meet the two toughest cops in town.
One's just a little smarter than the other.

Plot Summary : The overzealous cop Michael Dooley calls for different collaborate with to clash a remedy dealer who has verified to destroy him. A "friend" throws up him a doggy noted Jerry Lee, who has been trained to sense drugs. With his help, Dooley categories out to deposit his opponent in the back of the bars, on the different hand Jerry Lee has a disposition of his own as anyways as functions barely as he desires to. On the different hand, the doggy is rather pleasing at destroying Dooley’s car, abode as anyways as sex-life…

Mike Dooley, who functions on the San Diego narcotics squad, is functioning on a stakeout of remedy kingpin Ken Lyman, plus Mike scarcely escapes as well as his vitality since his motor vehicle is blown conscious by a helicopter that was sent by Lyman. Later, Mike is presented a husband — a greyhound dog noticed Jerry Lee. Mike doesn’t similar to Jerry Lee, excluding he begins to lukewarm conscious to Jerry Lee as Jerry Lee shows how constructive he might be. Mike requests to realize where Lyman’s then remedy shipment will receive place, plus Jerry Lee helps Mike. In make a request to hold Mike fancy messing conscious the shipment, Lyman has Mike’s spouse Tracy kidnapped. Mike plus Jerry Lee deem Halstead, the motor vehicle dealer who delivers Lyman’s shipments, plus as well as Jerry Lee’s help, Mike gets rid of the shipment fancy Halstead, plus roadways the shipment to where Lyman is waiting for the shipment, plus this leads to a quarrel as well as Lyman.

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