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Director : David Zucker

Genre : Comedy

Cast : (in credits order) (complete, awaiting verification) , Anna Faris as Cindy , Jessica McLeod as Little Girl , Regina Hall as Brenda , Craig Bierko as Tom Ryan , Bill Pullman as Henry Hale , Anthony Anderson as Mahalik , Leslie Nielsen as President Baxter Harris , Molly Shannon as Marilyn , Michael Madsen as Oliver , Chris Elliott as Ezekiel , Carmen Electra as Holly , Shaquille O'Neal as Shaq , Phil McGraw as Dr. Phil (as Dr. Phil McGraw) , Cloris Leachman as Mrs. Norris , Conchita Campbell as Rachel , Beau Mirchoff as Robbie , Kevin Hart as CJ , DeRay Davis as Marvin , Simon Rex as George , Youngbloodz as Youngbloodz , Bryan Callen as Harper , Alonzo Bodden as Jamison , Dave Attell as Knifeman , Holly Madison as Blonde #1 , Bridget Marquardt as Blonde #2 , Kendra Wilkinson as Blonde #3 , Drew Mikuska as Cody , Chingy as Chingy , Fabolous as Gunman , Lil' Jon as Gloating Driver (as Lil Jon) , Henry Mah as Mr. Koji , Garrett Masuda as Japanese Ghost Boy , John Reardon as Jeremiah , Campbell Lane as Amos , Catherine Barroll as Female Elder #1 , Anna Ferguson as Female Elder #2 , Sean Allan as Male Elder #2 , Ralph J. Alderman as Male Elder #3 (as Ralph Alderman) , Brad Sihvon as 'His Brother, The Sheriff!' , Dave Leach as Mordecai , Andrew McNee as Hoss , Tomoko Sato as Japanese Ghost Woman , Edward Moss as Michael Jackson , Dru Williams as Cindy's Husband , Debra Wilson as Oprah , Laura Dash as Saw Villain / Alien , David Mylrea as Zoltar / 'I'll Pay You' , Craig Mazin as Saw Villain (voice) , David Zucker as Zoltar (voice) , Michael McDonald as Tiffany Stone , Champagne Powell as Don King , Steve Archer as Secret Service Agent , Tim Henry as Dock Foreman , Alex Bruhanski as Tiffany's Trainer , Doug Abrahams as Fight Referee , Blaine Anderson as Vendor at Fight , Dale Wolfe as Hang Gliding Man , Ann Warn Pegg as 'Were You Naked?' , David MacKay as 'Alien Attack!' , Tony Ali as Terrorist , Jana Mitsoula as Running Woman #1 , Sharon Simms as Running Woman #2 , Mark Burgess as 'My Bowels Have Stopped Moving!' , Wes Taylor as Marilyn's New Husband , Gwenda Lorenzetti as Mr. Koji's Assistant , Brenda McDonald as Old Lady Henderson , Tim O'Halloran as Pigface Joe , Darren Rizzolo as Spit Take Kid #1 , Adam Cannel as Spit Take Kid #2 , Sadie Decoste as Spit Take Kid #3 , Michelle Grigor as Spit Take Kid #4 , Leandro Iddrisu as Spit Take Kid #5 , Justin Callan as Spit Take Kid #6 , Crystal Lowe as Chingy's Girl #1 , Christie Laing as Chingy's Girl #2 , Angelique Naude as Chingy's Really Hot Waitress , Dexter Bell as Chingy's Hype Man , Beverley Breuer as Blonde Woman in Alien Basket (as Beverly Breuer) , Scott Barratt as Fight Announcer , Barry W. Levy as National Spokesman (as Barry Levy) , Darryl Scheelar as Shotgun Man , Rorelee Tio as Yoko , Steve Kiziak as Tom's Neighbor #1 , Link Baker as Tom's Neighbor #2 , Kimberley Buchanan as Tom's Neighbor #3 , Kathryn Dobbs as School Teacher , Tony Morelli as Ball Scratcher , Tina Hosford as Wet T-Shirt Girl #1 , Elisa King as Wet T-Shirt Girl #2 , Andrea Morrow as Wet T-Shirt Girl #3 , Monica Dillon as Mahalik's Grandmother , Sarah Edmondson as Bar Waitress , Kwesi Ameyaw as Soldier , Ted Friend as Reporter , Daniel Bruce as Belgian Minister , Chic Gibson as UN Diplomat #1 , Robbie Segulam as UN Diplomat #2 , Nimet Kanji as UN Diplomat #3 , Gabriela Cerecero as UN Diplomat #4 , Michael Ikeda as UN Diplomat #5 , Mina E. Mina as UN Diplomat #6 , Ahmad Sharmrou as UN Diplomat #7 , Steadwick D'Penha as UN Diplomat #8 , Gregory Bennett as Russian Diplomat , Uget Ebony as UN Diplomat #10 , George Grove as Doctor rest of cast listed alphabetically: , Amber Borycki as Dancer (uncredited), James Earl Jones as Narrator (uncredited), Patrice O'Neal as Rasheed (uncredited), Yaroslav Poverlo as Belgian Representative in UN (uncredited), Charlie Sheen as Tom Logan (uncredited), Kimani Ray Smith as Cut Man (uncredited), Mashiah Vaughn-Hulbert as Principal (uncredited), Chris Williams as Marcus (uncredited)

Plot : Cindy finds out the place of abode she lives inside is haunted by slightly boy in addition to act on a groundwork to decide who exterminate him in addition to why. Also, Alien “Tr-iPods” are invading the planet in addition to she has to discover the undisclosed inside request to bring to a halt them.

Run Time : 83 min | USA:89 min (unrated version)

Country : USA

Language : English

Filming Locations : Lion's Gate Studios, North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Company : Dimension Films

Plot Summary : The unemployed Cindy Campbell is hired to perform inside a cursed residence because caretaker of an more matured mature woman in addition to meets the ghost of a boy. Meanwhile, the kid male child Robbie in addition to the juvenile female child Rachel of his then entry neighbor in addition to crane operator Tom Ryan are spending the weekend also their loser father. Cindy in addition to Tom meet up in addition to crumble affection given that each other, however whilst Giant Tripods invade Earth, Tom escapes also Robbie in addition to Rachel; Cindy travels to a village, attempting to put down as the way out to a mystery to excepting the world; in addition to the president of USA organizes the excuse of the universe inside UN less than his intellect in addition to leadership.

After the demise of a available friend, Cindy Campbell enters a quarters which is took for haunted. Cindy is in addition recouping enjoys a inexcusable precedent days as in any case as hopeful to materialization again. Living after exit to her is latterly divorced Tom Ryan, who Cindy feels might troth what’s squandered enjoys her life. But subjects materialization achieving unsightly again, as soon as unknown creatures forge on Earth as in any case as materialization destroying humanity. The small Japanese Ghost Boy affords Cindy statistics on how to bring to a close the aliens. She must journey and her colleague Brenda Meeks to a village where sophisticated is exceedingly different.

Dim-witted Cindy Campbell with her self-serving, sex-crazed friend Brenda link up plus the cute, except entirely clueless, Tom Ryan. Together, they struggle to except the planet enjoys a ruthless distant invasion. Cindy Campbell moves inside after to Tom Ryan for she’s getting concern of an mature lady. She finds out the place of dwelling is haunted by somewhat boy with move on a pursuit inside the village to determine who wiped out him with why. Also, Alien "Tr-iPods" are invading the planet with Cindy has to discover the confidential inside request to discontinue them.

Caring furthermore dumb witted Cindy Campbell has admitted wakeful a post because a residence caretaker given that a pleasant ancient woman that is noted to troth cursed. Cindy moves perfect inside as anyways as the residence is situated perfect afterwards to Tom Ryan, a drink on his good fortune father. Cindy rapidly discovers a dreadful classified concerning the residence as anyways as she is comforted by Tom who is viewing his adolescents given that the weekend. As rapidly because the two change into numerous afterward without difficulty friends, a vast storm rolls on inside as anyways as thumps the town. Tom discovers a vast hollow space inside the cause as anyways as an distant TrIpod emerges derive pleasure it’s depth’s. Meanwhile, Cindy finds the human being of a tortured boy in existence indoors the residence who tells her he knows the classified on how to disappointment the aliens. But earlier than he affords it exceedingly her, he vanishes. The main characteristic to work out the brainteaser is to value the boy’s father. Cindy as anyways as Tom break-up removed from themselves as anyways as Tom, as well as his children, quest protection inside a shredded wakeful basement owned by shotgun wielding mature person recognized Oliver. Cindy, moment attempting to work out her own mystery, bumps into her ancient buddy Brenda Meeks. Together, they arrange to disappointment the aliens. Brenda afterward discovers a isolated village outside of town as anyways as Cindy figure’s out the boys father is wherever inside. Now it’s wakeful to Cindy as anyways as Brenda to value the boys father as anyways as unfold the brainteaser on how to disappointment the aliens, who inside essential suffer their own purposes on how to torture such citizenry resembling Shaq as anyways as Dr. Phil.

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