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Director : Ron Termaat

Genre : Drama

Cast : , Jurgen Bogaert as Azim, Hilbert Dijkstra as Politieagent, Tjebbo Gerritsma as Bertus, Thom Hoffman as Wouter Siemons, Klaas Hulst as Vader Hanne, Antoinette Jelgersma as Moeder Hanne, Ridha Joudi as Vader Nizar, Fiona Livingston as Bibi, Mohamed Ali Madani as Imad, Nobiha Ben Miled as Moeder Nizar, Cahit Ölmez as Nizar Zalaq, Thouraya Ouhada as Aischa, Karine Roldaan as Nicolien, Karina Smulders as Hanne Veenhoven, Pieter Van der Sman as Ambassadeur, Margje Wittermans as Kapster

Plot : A show energize on the truthful yarn of the two abducted youth of Janneke Schoonhoven. She struggled 2 days to get your work force on her abducted youth aid to Holland, delight in the father that carried one another to Syria.

Run Time : Netherlands:85 min

Country : Netherlands

Language : Dutch | Arabic

Filming Locations : Damascus, Syria

Company : Talent United Film & TV

Plot Summary : About teen abduction. Every two time inside The Netherlands there is an abducted child. Most teens certainly not notice their mum in addition to species back. Janneke Schoonhoven derive pleasure Oude Pekela is one among the few who succeeded due to her bulky war to catch her teens back. Everyone inside The Netherlands was watching, as soon as her teens were conveyed accommodate by minister Bot, succeeding they hid for the motive that half a each year at the Dutch embassy inside Syria. Janneke in addition to her teens became the figure for the motive that hope. This picture aims to catch comment for the motive that a multifaceted constant problem, which several agencies not bring to a standstill until to size up helplessly. The picture begins August 2004. Hanne (Karina Smulders) trusts her two teens (of 9 in addition to 11 time old) to their father in addition to her ex-husband Nizar (Cahit Olmez). He claims to obtain each other to Euro Disney inside Paris. After many time Hanne gets a reach notify derive pleasure Nizar who is inside the Dutch Embassy inside Damascus, Syria. Nizar tells her that he skillful to break out to Syria for he was threatened inside The Netherlands. Hanne is keen to rely on him, nevertheless her voltage wife Bertus (Tjebbo Gerritsma) put forward that it is effortlessly a convention to catch her back, for it is a disappointment for the motive that his Syrian species that he is divorced derive pleasure his wife. Hanne plants for the motive that Syria at the side of Wouter (Thom Hoffman), who is felt inside teen abductions. From that phase on the heartrending war begins. She has to oppose for the motive that more than two time to catch her teens accommodate to The Netherlands. Hanne gets confronted in addition to her own mind-set with aspects to anything she should do in addition to anything she thinks is the top thoroughfare to get to rock bottom of it. This end result in, that she is confronted in addition to her voltage wife in addition to their children. In the full she comprehends there is merely lone fad disappeared to do, to catch her teens back. She travels accommodate to Syria lone very last long period of time to try out to persuade her teens that they need to try out to break out for the motive that one another derive pleasure the strength of their father. They surge to the Dutch embassy trough the stunning labyrinth of the styles of Damascus.

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