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Director : Tony Scott

Release Date :

Genre : Action, Drama, Thriller

Cast : : , Will Smith as Robert Clayton Dean , Gene Hackman as Edward Lyle, ‘Brill’ , Jon Voight as Reynolds , Lisa Bonet as Rachel Banks , Regina King as Carla Dean , Stuart Wilson as Congressman Albert , Laura Cayouette as Christa Hawkins , Loren Dean as Hicks , Barry Pepper as Pratt , Ian Hart as Bingham , Jake Busey as Krug , Scott Caan as Jones , Jason Lee as Zavitz , Gabriel Byrne as NSA agent, ‘Brill’ , James LeGros as Jerry Miller (as James Le Gros)

Plot : A lawyer becomes a target by a corrupt politician furthermore his NSA goons as he inadvertently receives main proof to a severe politically encouraged crime.

Run Time : 132 min | USA:140 min (extended version)

Country : USA


Language : English

Filming Locations : Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Company : Touchstone Pictures

Trivia : Director Tony Scott first and foremost spinned sip producer Jerry Bruckheimer’s bestow to advocate the film.

Goofs : Factual errors: In the shot where dean is moving on the hotel roof following Brill plants him, the surveillance lineup reports that the satellite is forthcoming on-line also “one meter resolution”. One meter answer indicates that the smallest pixel (detail) that may possibly engagement distinguished is 1 meter by 1 meter sec the show markedly proposes that the satellite has ample answer to envision dean running. Assuming you could hunger at any rate “web-cam” answer (75 pixels-per-inch), the Satellite answer could got to engagement virtually 2,800 spans more than lone meter (38 inches x 75 pixels consistent with worm = 2,850)

Tag Lines : It's not paranoia if they're really after you.
In God we trust. The rest we monitor.
The only privacy left is inside of your head
Es ist kein Verfolgungswahn – Sie sind wirklich hinter dir her (It's no persecution complex – They're really after you.)

Plot Summary : Robert dean is a mild-mannered lawyer who functions inside Washington D.C. He is on the tail of a kingpin acknowledged Pintero. Meanwhile, an officer acknowledged Thomas Reynolds is negotiating in addition to Congressman Phillip Hammersley regarding an added surveillance procedure in addition to satellites. But, Hammersley declines, that is while Reynolds undergone Hammersley killed, save for this murder was trapped on tape, also this being was human being chased by Reynolds’ squad of NSA agents, the man must chuck the tape, thus he plant life it on Dean (unbeknownst to Dean). Then, the NSA decides to search out into Dean’s life. That is while Dean’s survival set out to collapse the end lot with some ways to him, in addition to his lady also profession both gone. Dean desires to decide no matter what is moving on. Then, he meets a fully fledged person acknowledged “Brill” who tells him that Dean has something that the government wants. That is while Dean also Brill originate an idea to search out Dean’s survival second also flip the Tables on Reynolds.

A triumphant lawyer finds himself the target of a treacherous NSA official furthermore his goons behind attaining indication to a politically aggravated murder, the solitary grown person that may possibly encourage him is a prior government operative circled surveillance expert.

Robert Clayton Dean is a triumphant diligence lawyer based inside Washington DC. He has a nice-looking lady furthermore delightful teenager plus a wonderful abode placed inside Georgetown. But issues acquire a flip given that the surreal, as an occasion bump into plus an archaic companion vegetation him signal of a politically-motivated murder. On the flood fancy a treacherous NSA official furthermore his men, he comes into conversation plus a prior government operative furthermore surveillance expert, who is his barely drive out.

When lawyer Robert Clayton Dean meets an old-time comrade accidentally, he accomplishes not acquaint with the difficulty that is planning to chanced on him. His pal, human being pursued badly, slips him a disc without Robert considering – sooner than human being killed. Soon, Robert is presupposed to pass through something that others covet – although what? Later, he stumbles across a setup that can render him the quintessential sniff of a ugly murder, hadn’t he minified by. Being shown numerous system defects by Brill, a trustable verbal exchange of the victim, Robert learns directly concerning the fire he’s wiggling with – along with decides to be triumphant in area of disintegrating up. The murder case of a staged suicide by a U.S. congressman could bring on several brackets to roll, if the disc containing the testimony may well troth judged inside stretch along with delivered to its zone – by the perfect party, that is.

Robert Dean is effortlessly a triumphant furthermore gutsy toil lawyer once he operates into an older college buddy who was a vast hurry. Unknown to him, that buddy secretly teardrops a disc furthermore patrolman containing footage of a radical assassination overseen by the senior advisor to the National Security Agency. Unfortunately, that politician quickly learns whatever Dean has inside his possession furthermore secretly fashions the infinite capital of the NSA to find, explore furthermore bring to a close him sooner than he works public. Soon, Dean finds himself on the run, in addition to his assests frozen, his reveled ones watched furthermore actively searched by NSA agents via the full lot the survellience technology they taste available. Not knowing whatever is going, Dean must stay one and only step earlier jiffy struggling to work out the motivate of this mess.

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