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Release Date : 31 March 1985 (USA)

Genre : Drama

Cast : (Series Cast Summary – 17 of 67) , Marita Breuer as Maria Simon (11 episodes, 1984), Eva Maria Schneider as Marie-Goot (11 episodes, 1984), Kurt Wagner as Glasisch Karl (11 episodes, 1984), Rüdiger Weigang as Eduard Simon (11 episodes, 1984), Johannes Lobewein as Alois Wiegand (10 episodes, 1984), Karin Rasenack as Lucie Hardtke (10 episodes, 1984), Eva Maria Bayerwaltes as Pauline (9 episodes, 1984), Gertrud Bredel as Katharina / as (9 episodes, 1984), Hans-Jürgen Schatz as Wilfried Wiegand (9 episodes, 1984), Johannes Metzdorf as Pieritz (8 episodes, 1984), Wolfram Wagner as Maethes-Pat (7 episodes, 1984), Helga Bender as Martina (6 episodes, 1984), Willi Burger as Mathias / as (6 episodes, 1984), Arno Lang as Robert Kröber (6 episodes, 1984), Alexander Scholz as Hänschen (6 episodes, 1984), Sabine Wagner as Martha Simon (6 episodes, 1984), Jörg Hube as Otto Wohlleben (5 episodes, 1984)

Plot : The episodes (11 episodes) tells the yarn of the village Schabbach, on the Hunsrueck inside Germany done the time 1919-1982… more

Run Time : 9 min (11 episodes)

Country : West Germany

Language : German | English | French

Filming Locations : Bundenbach, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany

Company : Edgar Reitz Film (ERF)

Goofs : Continuity: In the narration originally of “Das Fest der Lebenden und der Toten” we are informed that Pauline kicked the bucket inside 1979. However on the listing tree the date is planned since 1975. This is verified while Hermann visits the important with the date on the tombstone is 1975.

Plot Summary : The installments (11 episodes) tells the yarn of the village Schabbach, on the Hunsrueck inside Germany done the life 1919-1982. Central being is Maria, who we envision surfacing savours a 17 once a year getting on missy to an getting on woman, plus her family. The family, admire the relaxation of the German people at large get over the dilemma succeeding WW-I, the arrival plus bebetide of Nazism plus WW-II, plus the rebuilding plus the forging attainments of the village (as a symptom for the raison d’être that the entire country) succeeding WW II.

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