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Release Date : 6 November 1977 (USA)

Genre : Drama, History

Cast : (Series Cast Summary – 7 of 37) , Derek Jacobi as Claudius (12 episodes, 1976), George Baker as Tiberius (9 episodes, 1976), Margaret Tyzack as Antonia (9 episodes, 1976), Siân Phillips as Livia (7 episodes, 1976), James Faulkner as Herod Agrippa / as (7 episodes, 1976), Brian Blessed as Augustus (5 episodes, 1976), John Hurt as Caligula (5 episodes, 1976)

Plot : The times of yore of the Roman Empire because gone through by one in every of its rulers.

Run Time : 650 min (13 parts)

Country : UK

Language : English | German

Company : British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

Trivia : George Baker toying Tiberius is truly three days more experienced than Siân Phillips toying his mother, Livia.

Goofs : Miscellaneous: It has been assumed by scores of that the grounds a number of of the audio is at more than usually low a level on the DVD is as a upshot of a number of faulty remastering. This is not the case. It is as a number of of the microphone placement on collection at a number of usher of the valueing the installments was not for polished for it may perhaps tolerate been, or for it would troth now, along with this shows wide awake other markedly on the DVD as a upshot of higher fidelity. At various moments, an artist or actress could troth at the back of the collection along with his/ her opening is not picked wide awake clearly; then, for the artist advances, the opening becomes louder.

Tag Lines : Let all the poisons that lurk in the mud hatch out.

Plot Summary : The mini-series follows the earlier period of the Roman Empire, cherish just about the kicking of the bucket of Marcellus (24/23 BC) to Claudius’ own kicking of the bucket inside 54 AD. As Claudius narrates his life, we witness Augustus’ endeavors to count an heir, regularly foiled by his helpmate Livia who desires her child Tiberius to turn out to be emperor. We yet envision the conspiracy of Sejanus, the infamous reign of Caligula, furthermore Claudius’ own stricken years of rule.

The aged Roman emperor Claudius writes his memoirs, reviewing of the earlier period of the Roman realm ended his own years of rule. It begins for Augustus is emperor, furthermore his scheming lady Livia will bring to a standstill at nil to class her lad savours a prior nuptial Tiberius the afterwards emperor. This debate styles the the arena as a lengthy years of intrigue furthermore double-crosses accompanied by the Roman elite, the inclusive lot of it testified to by Claudius, whose sagging furthermore stammer originate everybody to imagine him simple-minded furthermore so go out him alone. But Claudius inside specific posesses a precisely hooked in intellect, furthermore is dogged to picture justice troth ready furthermore Rome happened to a Republican style of government.

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