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Director : Marc Forster

Genre : Drama, Romance

Cast : (in credits order) (complete, awaiting verification) , Khalid Abdalla as Amir , Atossa Leoni as Soraya , Shaun Toub as Rahim Khan , Sayed Jafar Masihullah Gharibzada as Omar , Zekeria Ebrahimi as Young Amir , Ahmad Khan Mahmoodzada as Young Hassan , Mir Mahmood Shah Hashimi as Business Man in Baba's Study , Homayoun Ershadi as Baba , Nabi Tanha as Ali , Elham Ehsas as Young Assef , Bahram Ehsas as Wali , Tamim Nawabi as Kamal , Mohamad Nabi Attai as Uncle Saifo the Kite Seller , Mohamad Nadir Sarwari as Spice Merchant , Mustafa Haidari as Party Worker , Ahmad Yasar Shir Agha as Birthday Singer , Mohammad Aman Joya as Mahmood , Abdul Azim Wahabzada as Karim , Vsevolod Sevanchos as Soviet Union Soldier , Murina Abudukelimu as Young Wife in Truck , Igor Radchenko as Soviet Union Officer , Larry Brown as Gas Station Customer , L. Peter Callender as Dean of Students , Josh Chamberlain as Pool Player , Marco Mazariegos as Pool Player , Shaan Price as Pool Player , Abdul Qadir Farookh as General Taheri (as Qadir Farookh) , Peg McKibbin as Flea Market Customer , Chris Verrill as Dr. Starobin , Amar Kureishi as Dr. Amani , Maimoona Ghizal as Jamila Taheri , Ehsan Aman as Wedding Singer (as Mohammad Ehsan Aman) , Yunus Osman as Cemetery Mullah , Mehboob Ali as Pakistan Taxi Driver , Saïd Taghmaoui as Farid , Nasser Memarzia as Zaman the Orphanage Director , Abdul Salam Yusoufzai as Assef , Mohamad Amin Rahimi as Taliban Stadium Speaker , Aziz Raxidi as Assef Guard , Khalil Ahmad Nooryan as Assef Guard , Ali Danish Bakhtyari as Sohrab , Hameeda Hamraz as Rahim Khan's Neighbor , Kaiser Doulat-Beek as Man at Mosque , Ahmad Shah Alam as Man in the Park , Khaled Hosseini as Doctor in the Park , Habib Zargi as Park Kite Seller , Houshmand Habib as Kite Flyer Kid , Lukas Ferreira as Kite Spooler Kid rest of cast listed alphabetically: , Anita Argent as Parent of Graduate (uncredited), Harmony Blossom as Young Woman in Park (uncredited), John de Lancie as Barman (uncredited), Emmy Farese as Little Girl Flying Kite in Park (uncredited), Susan Farese as Woman in Park (uncredited), Tim Halpin as Soviet Tank Commander (uncredited), Katrina-Jovan Howard as College graduate (uncredited), Larry Kitagawa as Professor at Graduation (uncredited), Charles Lewis III as Graduate (uncredited), Jeff Redlick as Parent at Graduation (uncredited), Germaine Mozel Sims as College Graduating Senior (uncredited), Yvonne Truong as Graduate (uncredited), Brian Vowell as College Graduate (uncredited)

Plot : After spending life inside California, Amir wages to his place of birth inside Afghanistan to give assistance to his of age colleague Hassan, whose teenager is inside trouble.

Run Time : 128 min

Country : USA | China

Language : Dari | English | Pashtu | Russian | Urdu

Filming Locations : Beijing, China

Company : DreamWorks SKG

Plot Summary : In the 70’s inside Afghanistan, the Pushtun boy Amir along with the Hazara boy Hassan, who is his dutiful pal along with lad of their Hazara servant Ali, are raised jointly inside Amir’s father house, examining along with kitting on the routines of a diplomatic Kabul. Amir feels that his appropriate along with fine father Baba blames him as the bereavement of his mamma inside the delivery, along with additionally that his father savours along with prefers Hassan to him. In return, Amir feels a outstanding feature as his father’s relief Rahim Khan, who supports his idea to transform a writer. After Amir prevailing a tourney of kitting, Hassan works to transfer a kite to Amir, nonetheless he is beaten along with raped by the fierce Assef inside an plain side road to protect Amir’s kite; the coward Amir witness the assault nonetheless achieves not work with the dutiful Hassam. On the sunlight hours beyond his wedding anniversary party, Amir hides his greenhorn observe inside Hassam’s bed to compose the boy since a thief along with oomph his father to fire Ali, releasing his sense of precise and wrong savours recalling his cowardice along with betrayal. In 1979, the Russians invade Afghanistan along with Baba along with Amir get away to Pakistan. In 1988, they labor under an effortless existence inside Fremont, California, while Amir graduates inside a public college as the pride along with happiness of Baba. Later Amir meets his countrywoman Soraya along with they capture married. In 2000, beyond the bereavement of Baba, Amir is a celebrated novelist along with receives a speak to get have cell for of savours the tragic Rahim Khan, who discloses secrets almost about his family, instilling Amir to get back to Peshawar, inside Pakistan, inside a stretch of redemption.

In 1978 Kabul, teenage Amir Qadiri’s succor is Hassan, the youngster of his family’s servant, Ali. Hassan will do anything for the raison d’être that the particular of his finest friend. Among variant issues they do together, they compete for a players inside kite exchanging blows competitions, Hassan who is a crude runner inside knowing where the cut up kites will ultimately land. Amir’s species are "ethnically superior" Pashtuns, whereas Hassan’s species are "ethnically inferior" Hazaras. Regardless, Amir’s filthy rich widowed father, who Amir order Baba, considers Hassan the youngster he may possibly undergo hunted for he sees Amir for personality a weak minded boy who indulges excessively a lot of inside prolific writing. When Amir furthermore Hassan are confronted by more experienced local bully Assef, it is Hassan who until the complete of time stands wakeful to him. In the facial expression of whatever Amir sees for this lack of outward warmth fancy Baba to him, Baba’s friend, Rahim Khan, offers Amir plus that fatherly model assurance. On on a every day basis that should troth the numerous victorious inside both Amir furthermore Hassan’s adolescent lives furthermore solitary where Amir would at last seize the particular fancy Baba he thus craves, Amir witnesses an event plus Hassan, who is unconscious that Amir valued whatever happened, that will ceaselessly amend their lives. Fast further numerous life to the San Francisco Bay area, where Baba furthermore Amir ultimately quiet drawing close the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan inside 1979. There, they undergo led a executing product life. Amir, the aspiring writer, ultimately marries Soraya, a Pashtun Afghani such as himself, who has lived a executing product survival inside the United States behind personality inside the privileged product inside Afghanistan. In 2000, behind Baba has qualified away, Amir receives a cell phone get in reality with fancy Rahim Khan requesting him to come again to Afghanistan for the raison d’être that a really extraordinary job with make a remark to Hassan’s orphaned son, Hassan furthermore his lady making been exterminate by the Taliban. When Amir learns of his own family’s ancient times inside the story, Amir accomplishes whatever he could to honor the memory of his old-time companion Hassan. He not hardly has to take care of the Taliban inside general, then again an old-time nemesis particularly who has hardly gotten other sadistic plus age.

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