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Director : Mark Cross

Genre : Horror

Cast : , Rick Malambri as Steven Talbert, Jason Wahler as Chuck Bockner, Erica Hubbard as Nisha Grover, Laura Gordon as Chastity Bockner, Stephanie Kwong as Jessica Pai Hong, Michael Mario Good as Warren Brewer, Scorchio Pepo as Eric

Plot : MAGOG is one in all one-third of fallen angels relegated to the quintessential of the Earth. For thousands of years… See more » |

Run Time : USA:100 min (approx.)

Country : USA

Language : English

Filming Locations : New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Company : SerpentWise Pictures

Plot Summary : MAGOG is one among one-third of fallen angels relegated to the innate of the Earth. For thousands of existence he has wreaked mess amongst the generations of men. His defy is simple: Every 300 existence MAGOG is arrogated to garner the souls of the "Seeds of Promise"-the chosen of kinsfolk as nonetheless as mature persons born to triumph big prosperity inside the Earth prior they might get to their predestination. The culmination of his defy trees in the rear of the carnage of dead, mutilated as nonetheless as desecrated bodies-ultimately missed souls banished to HELL inducing not at all honored the truthful focused of their existence. What’s more, MAGOG trees in the rear of his own "Seed" to moreover nearing HELL’s aim inside the Earth. MAGOG’s "Special" mechanism of getting the Earth’s chosen is done THE DOORS of their own frailties, insecurities as nonetheless as indecencies. These DOORS suffer proven to troth the unforgiving as nonetheless as inescapable pathways to the horrors of HELL-one’s private as nonetheless as separate hell. In thousands of existence no fallible man someone suffer been able to flee MAGOG’s sensuous as nonetheless as diabolical scheme, with the exception of one: A 18th Century French nobleman who outwitted the more matured demon, lived to notify as nonetheless as inscribe a work on the subject matter of it as nonetheless as was endlessly limited to a sanitarium. His 300-year-old book, a valuable as nonetheless as appalling tome tickling the magical fancies of those favored ample to "somehow" obtain their work force on it, at this time resides inside the bother of STEVEN TALBERT a 21st Century Film Major attending college. TALBERT is a chain-smoking, beer-drinking antihero of sorts-an square peg in a bank hole who hails bask in a under pressure operating variety kind who has his eyes compilation on CHASTITY BOCKNER-a beautiful, virgin blonde that embodies the upscale area of EVANSTON, IL. CHAZ, is a "promising" Pharmacology Major as nonetheless as is because "pretty because she is smart" except she’s longing for the ground that attachment inside the end thing the wide of the mark places. She as nonetheless as TALBERT join up inside PROF. PALMERO’s unlucky ENGLISH class-a prerequisite passage that puts each other in the center of the likes of WARREN, JESSICA, SHIMMY as nonetheless as NISHA (The Seeds of Promise) as nonetheless as "CHRIS"-CHRIS MAGOG! CHRIS MAGOG is a mysterious, handsome, intelligent, can-do as nonetheless as seemingly can-do-no-wrong "Poli-Sci Major" whose approach into the lives of PROF. PALMERO’s students encourage troth because seductive because it is sooner or later insidious. CHRIS MAGOG is the "new kid" inside town who directly becomes the "big man" on campus. Everybody enjoys CHRIS for the ground that their own "personal as nonetheless as individual" reasons, except no person gives the look to cross-examine why, with the exception of one: TALBERT. It is TALBERT’s gravity, intuition as nonetheless as psychological inclinations that will unshackle the portal to the dismal as nonetheless as hellish secrets of the ethereal as nonetheless as variegated CHRIS MAGOG. But will TALBERT’s efforts troth ample to obtainable the 10,000 DOORS of HELL as nonetheless as sooner or later until CHAZ-the lady he loves?

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