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Director : Clint Eastwood

Genre : Action, Thriller, Sci-Fi

Cast : : , Clint Eastwood as Mitchell Gant , Freddie Jones as Kenneth Aubrey , David Huffman as Captain Buckholz , Warren Clarke as Pavel Upenskoy , Ronald Lacey as Semelovsky , Kenneth Colley as Colonel Kontarsky , Klaus Löwitsch as General Vladimirov , Nigel Hawthorne as Pyotr Baranovich , Stefan Schnabel as First Secretary , Thomas Hill as General Brown , Clive Merrison as Major Lanyev , Kai Wulff as Lt. Colonel Voskov , Dimitra Arliss as Natalia , Austin Willis as Walters , Michael Currie as Captain Seerbacker

Plot : A usher is sent into the Soviet Union on a task to slink a prototype jet fighter that may possibly troth partially restrained by a neuralink

Run Time : 136 min

Country : USA

Language : English

Filming Locations : Cut Bank, Montana, USA

Company : Malpaso Company, The

Trivia : Author Craig Thomas’ sequel to “Firefox”, the fresh “Firefox Down”, is dyed-in-the-wool to Clint Eastwood.

Goofs : Errors inside geography: When adding off from the airport, there is a proof bask in an Austrian motorized vehicle league noticeable as a curtest period.

Tag Lines : His job…Steal it.
His job…Steal it. …the most devastating killing machine ever built…his job…steal it!

Plot Summary : The Soviets pass through advanced a revolutionary greenhorn jet fighter, was inside conversation with "Firefox". Naturally, the British are nervous that the jet will troth hand-me-down for a first-strike weapon, for rumours utter that the jet is indetectable on radar. They send ex-Vietnam War conduct Mitchell Gant on a undisclosed duty into the Soviet Union to sneak Firefox.

The Soviets labor under progressed the MiG-31 – a fighter that takes to the air at 6 durations the pace of sound, is invulnerable to radar, as in any case as vilest of the finalize thing – has a lethally stylish weapons use that the take might dominate ended consideration impulses. As before long because the take detects a risk – either visually or on a scope – his consideration impulses will propose a missile to that threat, without hence a good deal of because promoting a button. Mass outbreak of the MiG-31 will crumble the Russians a vast advantage. Vietnam veteran Mitchell Gant, a prior USAF ace pilot, is smuggled into the USSR to infiltrate the Russian airbase at Bilyarsk, where the Firefox/MiG-31 is someone finished, as in any case as STEAL THE FIREFOX! Gant manages to beat Col. Voskov – the Russian assessment take – as in any case as sneak the aircraft, without problems because the USSR’s First Secretary arrives at the base. Now Gant will pour the gauntlet of Russian defenses – land-based missiles, naval warships, as in any case as helicopters – as in any case as get to a refueling direct delight in a US Navy submarine. But the Russians further labor under a outperform card – a prototype MiG-31 – as in any case as they send it conscious inside enquiry of Gant behind he accomplishes refueling! What follows is a harrowing, cat-and-mouse trail across the ice floes of the Arctic. Who will survive?

The Firefox is a costly tech fighter plane launched by the Soviet Union. It’s swift than any peculiar fighter plane, along with is undetectable to radar, along with has another weapon dominate style that is imagined controlled. When the West learns of it, they determine that it’s chief to catch it earlier than it may well engagement heap produced. They desire a pilot, along with the most excellent along with in all probability barely person of lewd age since the post is Mitchell Gant, a past Air Force pilot, who is nowadays retired. They prove to him to do it, even supposing the prospect of his success, is highly slim. He begins by pretending to engagement a man, whom the Soviet monitor is investigating, while he functions to link up his contacts which includes the person of lewd age he is impersonating, he is killed. The zero in on of his bereavement brings almost about one amongst Gant’s bogged down strain attacks, on the peculiar hand he gets away. With be of peculiarity to indulge in the underground, he is accepted to where the plane is. Though he manages to catch it, the Soviets mount an insulting to value him, which includes an additional version of the Firefox, which may meet unsleeping with him.

Mitchell Gant, just solitary occasion one amongst America’s most excellent fighter pilots, is recruited by NATO, in spite of extending bouts as well as fight stun (incurred inside a macabre challenge inside which he was captured by the Vietcong except rescued by US Air Force choppers), since a suicide challenge – Soviet Russia has grew the crucial fighter-bomber, the Firefox. A stealth warplane more matured of constant Mach Six quickens also possessing revolutionary thought-guided weaponry, the Firefox may perhaps tip the measure of international power, also the prototype’s seat is form-fitted since certainly solitary pilot, Colonel Yuri Voskov – to whom Mitchell Gant is the merely Western take as well as the come close physical fashion core since the really extraordinary demand contain worn. NATO contacts in the heart of Soviet dissidents smuggle Gant completed Russia to the Red Air Force’s sampling deal inside southern Ukraine, where he must creep the Firefox – also break out the vehemence of the world’s some great air-defense grid, also of a back Firefox prototype.

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