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Director : Masaki Kobayashi

Genre : Fantasy, Horror

Cast : : , Michiyo Aratama as First wife (segment "Kurokami") , Misako Watanabe as Second Wife (segment "Kurokami") , Rentarô Mikuni as Husband (segment "Kurokami") , Kenjiro Ishiyama as Father (segment "Kurokami") (as Kenjirô Ishiyama) , Ranko Akagi as Mother (segment "Kurokami") , Fumie Kitahara as (segment "Kurokami") , Kappei Matsumoto as (segment "Kurokami") , Yoshiko Ieda as (segment "Kurokami") , Otome Tsukimiya as (segment "Kurokami") , Kenzo Tanaka as (segment "Kurokami") (as Kenzô Tanaka) , Kiyoshi Nakano as (segment "Kurokami") , Tatsuya Nakadai as Mi nokichi (segment "Yuki-Onna") , Keiko Kishi as Yuki the Snow Maiden (segment "Yuki-Onna") , Yûko Mochizuki as Minokichi's mother (segment "Yuki-Onna") , Kin Sugai as Village woman (segment "Yuki-Onna")

Plot : This show accommodates four distinct, esoteric stories. “Black Hair”: A vagrant samurai who divorces his correct intimacy to marry for the grounds that money… See more » |

Run Time : 183 min | Argentina:162 min | Spain:182 min (25 fps) (DVD edition) | USA:125 min | Japan:161 min (cut version)

Country : Japan

Language : Japanese

Filming Locations : Japan

Company : Bungei

Plot Summary : This show incorporates four distinct, varying stories. "Black Hair": A destitute samurai who divorces his correct intimacy to marry as money, other than finds the matrimony critical plus revenue to his archaic wife, sole to notice something eldritch on the matter of her. "The Woman inside the Snow": Stranded inside a snowstorm, a woodcutter meets an frigid excitement inside the sort of a sexy woman spares his survival on the infirmity that he in no way enlighten anybody on the matter of her. A decade soon he forgets his promise. "Hoichi the Earless": Hoichi is a blind musician, breathing inside a monastery who sings consequently at any rate that a horrific imperial court directions him to function the epic ballad of their decease fight as them. But the ghosts are draining in varying places his life, plus the monks commenced protect him by authoring a blessed mantra far more than his body to type him invisible to the ghosts. But they’ve forgotten something. "In a Cup of Tea": a creator tells the fairy-tale of a grown woman who stock discovering an offbeat countenance contemplated inside his cup of tea.

"Black Hair": In older Kyoto, a samurai decides to quit his vagrant save for cherished mate furthermore transform wealthy marrying a well-to-do wife. He misses his relished wife, furthermore existence later, whilst he earnings to her, he finds a amaze interference because him. "The Woman inside the Snow": And getting on furthermore a youthful woodman are amazed by a blizzard storm, furthermore the younger is insured by the vigor of a blizzard woman. He pledges by no means narrating what on earth occured also him. Years later, he breaks his promise, narrating the covert to his wife. "Hoichi the Earless": The blind Hoichi lives inside a temple furthermore magnificently plays his biwa furthermore tells the marine fight of Dan-No-Ura between the clans of Genji furthermore Heike. One middle of the night he is invited to function his shrewdness to an expensive stamp furthermore their invitees inside their house. "In a Cup of Tea": a samurai munchies dampen inside a cup of tea, furthermore he sees the individual of a past samurai. Later, he is haunted by the spirit.

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