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Director : Joe Estevez

Genre : Comedy, Horror

Cast : , William Shatner as Cameo, Jenna Jameson as Cameo, Tom Savini as Killer, Johnny Whitaker as Cameo, Brenna Roth as Daughter, Donald Trump as Forbes Cover Billionaire, Victoria De Mare as Banker's Wife, Alice Cooper as Cameo, Jay Thomas as Two Headed Monster, Joe Estevez as Neighbor, Bill Daily as GrandPa, Kathy Garver as Zombie, Flavor Flav as Flavor Flav, Lloyd Kaufman as Uncle Lloyd, Candice Michelle as 2nd Wife, Julianne Michelle as Cameo, Chuck McCann as Cameo, Alejandra Gutierrez as Teacher, George Clinton as George Clinton, Robert Easton as Neighbor, Michael Lohan as Chindows Exec, Chuck Williams as Killer, Charlie Callas as Cameo, DeeDee Bigelow as Megan, Jessica Osbourne as Neighbor, R.A. Mihailoff as Bouncer, Hawk Younkins as Zombie, Stuart Charno as Uke Player, Krisondra Daigneault as Sophia Evila, Chuck Lamb as Sal Dementia Sr., Constance Estevez as Connie, Mike Muscat as Uncle Ralph, Mei Lloyd as Zombie (as Mei-Yin Lloyd), Ricky Dôminguez as Greg, Brad Milne as J. J. Stark, Raquel Brussolo as Lounge Singer, Lauren Day as Zombie, John Sjogren as Zombie, Ed Meyer as Chindows CEO, David J. Garfield as Deranged Lunatic (as Dave Julian Garfield), Jaclyn Friedlander as Horrific Character, Modi as Shlomo, Ky Evans as Mobster, Kerry Wallum as Zombie, Michael Placencia as Tommy Muscle, Janet Miranda as Actress, Henry LeBlanc as Uncle Henry, Eric Feliciano as Mobster, Andrea Ownbey as Zombie, Ron Fitzgerald as Haunted House Curator, Mark Womack as Trick or Treater, Sylvia Browne as Sylvia Browne, William August as Software Magnate, Nick Latrenta as Mafia Member, Nancy Spielberg as Nancy Dementia, Ivy Iacono as Donna Dementia, John Sialiano as Goumba Johnny, Gregory Paul Smith as Dallas, Anthony Timpone as Himself, Nils Oliveto as Mobster, Hunter Meyer as Young Salvadore, Rick Hills as Principal, Oliver Theess as The surfer dude, Kiana Daigneault as Little Miss Evila, John Draper as Mr. Y, Claudia Vazquez as Fourth supporting, Eliezer Castro as Big Tony, Sola Fasehun as Nurse, Ashley Williams as Neighbor, Grace Hetrick as Twisted Wasabi, Judyth Piazza as Reporter, Shelby Eliese as Trick or Treater #3, Natalie Grace as Zombie, Jill Bryan as Debbie Dementia, Joe Quick as Mafia member, Jessica Panetta as Neighbor, Harold St. Croix as Policeman, Enza Anderson as Enza Supermodel, Kurt Johnson as Edward Dennis, Mike Neider as Witchdoctor, Erik Estrada as Contractor, Joey Politowski as Cameo, Rob Lamb as Tough Guy, Eric Politowski as Cameo, Dana Werpny as Girl Next Door, Jim Dorey as Zombie, Jeremy Ferdman as Poster Guy, Jeremy Borden as Dark Stranger, Jordan Meyer as Trick or Treater #1, Jason Sanchez as Moische, Hans Nilsson as Computer Nerd, Sean Torres as Scarey Character, Jeff Hysell as Mobster, David Kahle as Zombie, January Harrell, Joe Boxer as Joe Boxer, Joe Thomas as Bouncer, Richie Stark as Cameo, James Gilkerson as Squirtman (Superhero), Dan E. Zuko as Zuko, Robert Golden as Zombie, Elizabeth Henry as Trick or Treat Mom, Antonio Gonzalez Jr. as Mr. X, Etan Goldman as Rapper, Edward Sherry as Undertaker, Wil Keiper as Cameo, Samuel Sanchez as Doc, Denise Power as Laura

Plot : High School students Salvadore along with Carmine Dementia, minute functioning on a science project, inadvertently… See more » |

Country : USA

Language : English

Filming Locations : Burbank, California, USA

Company : Adirondack International Pictures

Plot Summary : High School students Salvadore as nonetheless as Carmine Dementia, spilt second functioning on a science project, out of the blue build an within your means personal computer working mannerism as nonetheless as Internet netscape browser that doesn’t crash! The Dementias beat it wealthy as soon as the boys’ venture looks on the Evening News, as nonetheless as it convinces a Hong Kong-based bureau to heavy rain pour the broadcast in addition to an within your means black-market version of Microsoft Windows approached Chindows. The finish Dementia Family, due to small Carmine as nonetheless as Salvadore, submit to at this time turn into dot-com millionaires. With the entertainment of the dysfunctional Dementia grading sporting barely grade-school educations at best, the Dementias come out to display their new-found wealth. As they come out to transmute their small Long Island conjugal into a sallow statue-laden mansion, the originally request of interest is to build a haunted home since Halloween to impress their working-class neighbors, who are portrayed by show celebrities as nonetheless as comedians inside cameo roles. As matter-of-fact being silly has been established inside the Dementia grading personality since generations, lone under no circumstances knows what on earth lighthearted prank the Dementias will pluck next. So trick-or-treating at the Dementias once a year styles lone question what on earth is a edit as nonetheless as what on earth is real. With Chindows flooding the market, subjects come out to go away awry. As the watchkeeper attempts to determine whether it is the peculiar coping software companies, the Long Island mafia, or competently scheming Uncle Ralph Dementia…someone is recurrently striving to destroy Salvatore’s dad, Salvadore Sr., the now-wealthy patriarch of the family. Was creating a haunted home to impress the neighbors the honest decision???

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