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Director : Paul Sampson

Genre : Comedy, Drama, Horror, Mystery, Thriller

Cast : , Paul Sampson as Lord Gregoire / Jake McCallister , David Carradine as Shopkeeper , Udo Kier as Father Paul , Norman Reedus as Henry , Billy Drago as Shauna , Max Perlich as Benoit , Nick Jameson as Lord Renault , Jack Donner as Grand Master , Ingrid Sonray as Amy , Lisa Gleave as Ashley , Sofie Norman as Celine , Mary Christina Brown as Japoniko , Hrach Titizian as Melkon , Assaf Cohen as Menas , Gregg Lederman as Koko , Nick Wall as Greedy Steward #2 other cast: , Mads Koudal as Steward Henry, Brendan McNamara as Conspiring Sergeant (Shield) #3, Craig Seitz as Elder, Chris Radcliffe as Sergeant, Brad Potts as Additional Voices, Rian Bishop as Sergeant, Christa Lang as Blind Woman, Corey Marshall as Sergeant, Michael Molthen as Steward, Olga Tot as Olga, Joshua Berman as Knight, Bill Elverman as Sergeant, Caecilie Carlsen as Drop off Driver, James Lacey as Templar Disciple, Chuck Murphy as Messenger on Foot #1, Mark Kinsey Stephenson as Limo Driver, Michael Joseph Carr as Additional Voices, Mick Lea as Greedy Steward #1, Kai Cofer as Knight, Dan Snow as Additional Voices, Justin Leeper as Sergeant, Jim Krestalude as Knight, David Reiner as Knight, Timothy Hinson as Messenger on Foot #2, Bruce Galli as Knight, Dax McKeever as Steward Betaman, Charles Pacello as Wounded Sergeant, Kevin Wetmore Jr. as Conspiring Sergeant (Sword) #2, Travis L. Cook as Knight, Gary Dikeos as Priest, Patrick Lambke as Conspiring Sergeant (Knife) #1, Melvin Weiss as Knight, Dave Jacobs as Sergeant of Arms, David DiSalvio as Gardener, Adam Dixon as Knight, Wayne Anthony Dean as Knight, John Bella as Knight, Sevag Harmandian as Saracen Warrior, Tony Topaz as Saracen Warrior, Matthew Udall as Knight, Michael Dixon as Knight, Aaron Langford as Wrangler, Alex Borbon as Steward, Isaac Brown as Steward, William Fix as Knight, Kate Wieland as Wrangler, Michael Spielmann as Sergeant, John Langford as Wrangler assistant, James Zoppe as Messenger On Horseback #1, Paul Kowalski as Knight, William Angell as Knight, Matt Maenpaa as Sergeant, Raj Champaneri as Saracen Warrior, Jerry Verdi as Knight, Shawn Bisi as Customer, Ryan Hoover as Sergeant, Carlos Egert as Saracen Warrior, George Topalian as Saracen Warrior, Mark McCaw as Elder, Michael Phares as Wrangler, Dale Hoff as Salacious Monk, Charlotte E. Pearson as Nun, Steve Cummings as Messenger on Horseback #2, Kevin Gibboney as Elder, Crystal Phares as Wrangler, Josh Adorno as Sergeant, Randy Watkins as Wrangler, William Moussa as Saracen Warrior

Plot : A Medieval Knight resurrects to fulfill his commitment in addition to confer a blood-thirst reprisal upon the kindred spirits of those who betrayed him lengthy ago… See more » |

Country : USA

Language : English

Filming Locations : Agua Dulce Movie Ranch – 34855 Petersen Road, Agua Dulce, California, USA

Company : Sampson Enterprises

Plot Summary : A Medieval Knight resurrects to fulfill his obligation also confer a blood-thirst revenge upon the kindred spirits of those who betrayed him extensive ago. In the channel of single night, identities will troth revealed, destinies met, also a poetic justice of the ghostly maniacally served.

Here lies a narrative of passion, loyalty, deceit, betrayal…and revenge. They were Warriors. They were Crusaders. Under the leadership of the righteous GREGOIRE, this band of brothers inside the Holy Order of the Knights Templar selflessly fought back-to-back, putting forward GOD also the "True Cross." Until one and only shady dead night of complete betrayal… Glorious was their accomplishment that night, gold their find. The spoils were to troth carried to their Grandmaster since modus operandi inside expediting their "Cause." Yet greed knowledgeable infected one in all their portion – RENAULT – also lower than the subsume of the demon of lust, he embraced also fiendishly encouraged others to give any individual a leg up him stock out his nefarious financial financial statement of betrayal. Among those whose hearts he blackened was the hitherto spiteful MENAS, green also envy of his male relative MELKON, the gentleman famed for personality both the biggest swordsman inside the entirety of Europe also the true hand of Gregoire. The occuring crack of dawn Renault’s heinous design went into end product also Gregoire, Melkon also their valued steward KOKO were ambushed also carried out since plans of greed. But for he lay dying, Gregoire vowed his revenge. Ten lifetimes of loads Renault also his murdering compatriots may perhaps enjoy. And after that he may perhaps go back to deliver their souls to Hell since the entirety of eternity. Ten lifetimes of excess… The centuries glide by also succeeding 700 years, the administered long pathway away of the evildoers nears culmination. One dark, stormy night, the Crusader, upon his steed, resurrects to killed his vow of revenge upon the at the moment kindred spirits of those who victimized him as a result vastly lengthy ago. The the theater is collection since vengeance for an eclectic range assembles at a concealed nabe marital lower than the guise of a promised "fantasy weekend" to fulfill private desires. JAKE, the "events coordinator" will undergo his manpower jam-packed fiddling host to his small guests; CELINE, the persuasive also promiscuous Eastern-European, ASHLEY, the contemptuous similarly pretty socialite, AMY, the risk free also gentle girl-next-door, HURCOS, the predatory Middle-Eastern playboy, also JAPONIKO, the uninvited also puzzling Asian minimalist. SHAUNA, the uncompromising Irish cook, also her cohort inside transgression BENOIT, the bone-idle English caretaker, beside the enigmatic PRIEST also the benevolent SHOPKEEPER, course out this strange also entirely colorful rank of characters. Jake assigns the mind-set of partner recreational coordinator to Amy, also for she reads derive pleasure an vague storybook, the narrative of Gregoire also his righteous band of Templar Knights animates, also the fairy-tale of betrayal is reenacted since the guests. Blood will pour exaggeratedly for the cursed also unsuspecting kindred spirits converge their drawing near destinies one-by-one in the course of the Crusader’s maniacal reprisal.

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