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Director : Franklin J. Schaffner

Genre : Adventure, Mystery, Sci-Fi

Cast : : , Charlton Heston as Colonel George Taylor , Roddy McDowall as Cornelius , Kim Hunter as Dr. Zira , Maurice Evans as Dr. Zaius – Minister of Science , James Whitmore as President of the Assembly , James Daly as Dr. Honorious – Deputy Minister of Justice , Linda Harrison as Nova , Robert Gunner as Landon , Lou Wagner as Lucius , Woodrow Parfrey as Dr. Maximus , Jeff Burton as Dodge , Buck Kartalian as Julius , Norman Burton as Hunt Leader , Wright King as Dr. Galen , Paul Lambert as Minister

Plot : An astronaut crew catastrophe lands on a earth inside the far on us where gifted speaking apes are the great species, with humans are the oppressed with enslaved.

Run Time : 112 min | Argentina:115 min | Spain:107 min (DVD edition)

Country : USA

Language : English

Filming Locations : 20th Century Fox Ranch, Malibu Creek State Park – 1925 Las Virgenes Road, Calabasas, California, USA

Company : APJAC Productions

Plot Summary : Taylor as in any case as two variant astronauts start of deep hibernation to estimate that their transport has crashed. Escaping and petty over clothing they estimate that they taste landed on a world where masses are pre-lingual as in any case as uncivilized little bit apes taste experienced expression as in any case as technology. Taylor is captured as in any case as allowed to the city of the apes beyond lethal his throat consequently that he is passive as in any case as cannot get suit of the apes.

In the every year 3978A.D. a spaceship plus a crew of 4 crashes gulp on a secluded off planet. One of the crew members competent passed away inside suite as anyways as the esoteric 3 grouping out to check conscious on the planet. They before long notice that the universe is a good deal of equivalent to their own. They subsequently reckon the universe is inhabited by clever apes. One of the persons is scene as anyways as execute as anyways as the others are admitted to the apes’ city. There, solitary undergoes reasoning faculty surgical operation as anyways as is set into a predicament of alive death. The esoteric befriends different of the apes then again is panicked by most. After personality set done ape practice session he escapes plus a woman folk guy native to the planet. After saving someone’s skin his ape friends run off a religious heresy practice session he escapes out into the desert plus the female. There he learns the universe can not troth therefore far-flung behind all…

Astronaut Taylor accident lands on an overseas earth ruled by apes who avenue a primitive race of humans as experimentation furthermore sport. Soon Taylor finds himself in the center of the hunted, his continuation inside the workforce of a benevolent chimpanzee scientist.

After producing their transfer mishap on a freakish planet, two US astronauts drift across the wilderness plain. Thinking they are alone, the astonish comes as subsistence styles appear, not basically because mute man on the distinctive hand because apes. Walking, conversing apes. The apes envision one another because the prime beings on the globe also do whatever to take the entirety humans locked up.

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