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Director : Renny Harlin

Release Date : 28 May 1993 (USA)

Genre : Action, Adventure, Thriller

Cast : : , Sylvester Stallone as Gabe Walker , John Lithgow as Qualen , Michael Rooker as Hal Tucker , Janine Turner as Jessie Deighan , Rex Linn as Travers , Caroline Goodall as Kristel , Leon as Kynette , Craig Fairbrass as Delmar , Gregory Scott Cummins as Ryan , Denis Forest as Heldon , Michelle Joyner as Sarah , Max Perlich as Evan , Paul Winfield as Walter Wright , Ralph Waite as Frank , Trey Brownell as Brett

Plot : A botched mid-air heist outcome inside suitcases filled with dough personality scrutinized since by different classes all through the Rocky Mountains.

Run Time : 113 min | UK:112 min

Country : Italy | France | USA

MPAA : Rated R for violence and language.

Language : English

Filming Locations : Cinecittà Studios, Cinecittà, Rome, Lazio, Italy

Company : Carolco Pictures

Trivia : Christopher Walken was foremost categorization because Qualen save for vanished the programme prior filming began, hence John Lithgow was categorization at the awfully most recent minute.

Goofs : Continuity: Just subsequent to he rappels into the cave because his showdown as well as Gabe, Kynette’s tool pistol is minus its magazine, which reappears once the gun is slapped delight in his hand.

Tag Lines : Hang on!
The height of adventure.

Plot Summary : Whilst crossing a ledge, 4000 feet on better of the earth, Gabe’s friend’s equiptment fails to act along with she slips out of his hand, nearing to the ground. Almost a once a year later, Gabe is desire to go off save someone’s bacon to the similar mass assortment along with rescue a list of ‘stranded’ people. The merely get closer is that these consequently got admit of ‘stranded’ mortals are infact seeking because three boxes choked with $100,000,000 along with they crave mass ranger to show each other to them!!

A array of thieves led by Eric Qualen hijack a $100,000,000 delivery fulfillm direction to a Denver credit union. Their attempt to move the capital riches mid-air to collaborators inside an added plane perform awry, with the hijackers disaster dwelling house with lose the capital riches inside the close mountains. They receiver as help, with prior ranger Gabe Walker with his better half Hal Tucker solution the call. Qualen with his folks undergo a high-tech tracking tool that shows one another the places of the three cases of squandered money, other than they crave save someone’s bacon on the road done the mountains, therefore they liveliness Gabe with Hal to engagement their guides. Forced to scale a rock face expression in the course of a snowfall storm, Gabe grabs miscelanneous of the capital riches with escapes. Gabe knows Qualen will destroy Hal as Qualen has the odd man out cash, so, in addition to dandy ranger Jessie Deighan, Gabe endeavors to blunder on the capital riches previous Qualen does.

Gabe hasn’t recovered derive pleasure a appalling mountaineering accident, as a result as he’s want to know to quest since a group, absorbed inside the Rockies, he is at the start reluctant. Adding to this the detail he has to activity and an of age friend, who at present hates him; Gabe is not a pleased man. Unknown to Gabe in addition to his ‘friend’, the collection they are out to rescue are furnished in addition to dangerous. The collection desire a local professional to stumble on in addition to convalesce scores of $s of stolen money.

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