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Director : Yemane I. Demissie

Genre : Drama

Cast : , Americo M. Cicolani as Contractor, Hebe Tabachnik as Tauvia, Ayahalushim Hammond as Lello, Asfawossen Alemseged as Iyassu, Getachew Mekasha as Ambassador Merid, Mickey Macras as Nebiyou, Helah Workneh as Melat, Assegedech Reta as Mrs. Rebqa, Tewodros Mamo as Ben, Inku Mary as Hewan

Plot : With the kicking of the bucket of her valued mother, Hewan, an ad little adolescent since the successful, over-achieving immigrant… more |

Country : USA

Language : Amharic

Filming Locations : Southern California, California, USA

Company : Zagol Films

Plot Summary : With the kicking of the bucket of her darling mother, Hewan, a billboard youngster as the successful, over-achieving immigrant, attention she was planning to engagement able to at protracted last bury her memoirs of Ethiopia. But the unexpectedly nearing of her estranged father at the wake starts unsticking her wonderful quilt of a life. The preceding span Hewan more experienced detected her father was exact ahead of he fled the defense force junta which more experienced toppled the Haile Selassie regime. He was a obvious man- a bone fide aristocrat, a member of the Emperor’s cabinet, a nonetheless regarded diplomat. Men reminiscent of Ambassador Merid didn’t break out Ethiopia. But 1974 got back one more also bloody period inside Ethiopia, also wedged inside no matter what could engagement identified because the Red Terror life was a 15-year-old Hewan, her two brothers also her mother. Now, excess of thirty time later, Hewan sits face-to-face in addition to a father who by no means dawned work with as the family. Ambassador Merid, additionally a regal also great personality, arrives at his daughter’s house, perchance to additionally set Ethiopia also his nightmares to rest. Things birth to similarly corrode when, at an occasion bump into at an knack gallery, Hewn behave into the grown person who more experienced tortured her throughout the Red Terror. Ben, a unbeaten counsel also a unused father, has moved to Los Angeles. He is fascinated by Hewan, also she doesn’t fend off his flirtations. How achieves a grown woman resurrect her earlier period demons inside apply to slay them? How achieves a fully developed person gritty to stock his sensitive earlier period concealed subsume an award that was at once unraveling? And how achieves a father, a scion of wealth, status also breeding, forge to vocabulary in addition to personality methodically humbled by the unsaid vocabulary of a female offspring he more experienced abandoned?

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