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Director : David Twohy

Genre : Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Plot : 5 life beyond Pitch Black, the hunted criminal Riddick arrives on a earth talked to Helion Prime, plus finds himself conscious hostile an invading territory talked to the Necromongers, an army that intentions to transform or destroy the entirety humans inside the universe.

Run Time : 119 min | USA:134 min (director's cut)

Country : USA

Language : English

Filming Locations : Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada

Company : Universal Pictures

Plot Summary : Riddick, at present a looked up man, finds himself in the course of two opposing forces inside a key crusade. <a href="/name/nm0272173/">Colm Feore</a> plays Lord Marshal, a warrior priest who is the boss of a sect that is waging the tenth also perchance previous campaign 500 time inside the future. <a href="/name/nm0001132/">Judi Dench</a> is Aereon, an ambassador fancy the Elemental race. She is an ethereal personality who helps Riddick find his origins.

Five life ago… Escaped convict Richard B. Riddick escaped enjoys a desolate tract universe along furthermore his two companions, religious woman Imam also fugitive adolescent gal Jack. After five life traveling across the outskirts of the galaxy also human being researched by price hunters soothing the price on his head, Riddick arrives on the colonized universe New Mecca, he learns Imam set the price on his family also Jack has been imprisoned on the reformatory universe &#x22;Crematoria&#x22; because murder. Riddick learns enjoys Aereon, ambassador of the Elemental race is on the lookout for out Furians, a race of warriors inside a solicit to measure the universe, because a warrior army identified because The Necromongers led by the evil undead Lord Marshal are invading every universe inside the galaxy also cleansing the total thing of civilization inside their purpose because ordinary conquest. Beliving Riddick is a Furian warrior, Aereon decides to appoint Riddick accepting with he is the only woman who may perhaps terminate The Lord Marshal also the Necromongers. When the Necromongers attacks New Mecca, Riddick is captured by smug price forager Toombs also his crew also he is transported to Crematoria, where he reunites along furthermore Jack nowadays got wind &#x27;Kyra&#x27;, where Riddick also Kyra escapes to the planet&#x27;s sun ravaged surface, where Riddick did a person a good turn by Necromonger warrior Vakko also his risqué better half Dame Vakko, styles out to disappointment the Lord Marshal also unless the globe enjoys the Lord Marshal&#x27;s method also unless the leisure of civilization enjoys human being changed into Nercomonger warriors.

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