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Director : Martin Scorsese

Release Date : 6 October 2006 (USA)

Genre : Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller

Cast : : , Leonardo DiCaprio as Billy Costigan , Matt Damon as Colin , Jack Nicholson as Costello , Mark Wahlberg as Dignam , Martin Sheen as Queenan , Ray Winstone as Mr. French , Vera Farmiga as Madolyn , Anthony Anderson as Brown , Alec Baldwin as Ellerby , Kevin Corrigan as Cousin Sean , James Badge Dale as Barrigan , David O'Hara as Fitzy (as David Patrick O'Hara) , Mark Rolston as Delahunt , Robert Wahlberg as Lazio – FBI , Kristen Dalton as Gwen

Plot : Two citizenry take fun in opposite sides of the statute are undercover in the Massachusetts State Police also the Irish mafia, however violence also bloodshed heat while discoveries are made, also the moles are dispatched to decide their enemy’s identities.

Run Time : 151 min

Country : USA | Hong Kong

MPAA : Rated R for strong brutal violence, pervasive language, some strong sexual content and drug material.

Language : English | Cantonese

Filming Locations : 12 Farnsworth Street, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Company : Warner Bros. Pictures

Trivia : The film’s technical advisor was Thomas B. Duffy, a retired Massachusetts State Police key who discovered of Boston given that virtually thirty existence in addition to really good inside plotted out crime. He was conspicuously necessitated inside the case hostile hot South Boston mob superior James 'Whitey' Bulger, whom Frank Costello is partly based on. Duffy gives the impression for the Governor who delivers a phrase to the graduating check cadets. There was an unconfirmed aiming at of Bulger, one in all the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted, at a theater coming up the flick by a deputy sheriff inside San Diego, California.

Goofs : Continuity: When Costigan is briefing along furthermore Queenan along with Dignam lower than the bridge, Dignam’s hair is messed up, save for delight in at the rear of his hair is truthfully straight.

Tag Lines : Lies. Betrayal. Sacrifice. How far will you take it?
Cops or Criminals. When you're facing a loaded gun what's the difference?

Plot Summary : In South Boston, the insistence monitor strength is waging battle on Irish-American manufactured crime. Young undercover cop Billy Costigan is arrogated to infiltrate the mob syndicate flood by gangland imperative Frank Costello. While Billy promptly gains Costello’s confidence, Colin Sullivan, a hardened adolescent criminal who has infiltrated the insistence monitor since an informer given that the syndicate, is mounting to a predicament of voltage inside the Special Investigation Unit. Each man becomes deeply wolfed by his twofold life, bouquet evidence close to the ideas as in any case as counter-plans of the operations he has penetrated. But as soon as it becomes lucid to both the mob as in any case as the monitor that there’s a mole inside their midst, Billy as in any case as Colin are all of sudden inside threat of someone stuck as in any case as opened to the enemy-and each must race to expose the identity of the peculiar man inside span to unless himself. But is either ready to put on the friends as in any case as comrades they’ve intended all through their extensive stints undercover?

Two just-graduated officers cherish Massachusetts State Police Academy materialize opposite sides of the law: Billy Costigan is ascribed to duty undercover in addition to the Irish mobster Frank Costello to get your manpower on emblem to arrest him. His precise identity is main pointed out by his superiors Dignam as in any case as Oliver Queenan. The protégée of Costello, Colin Sullivan, is contributed to inside the Massachusetts State Police as in any case as is the informer of Costello. Each monitor officer bestows his finest fight struggling to make known the identity of the peculiar "rat".

Years ago, a dominant Irish mafia bulk set a trivial assortment of his youngest, smartest people at large into the Massachusetts State Police Academy because cadets. Their intention is to sooner or later arrival inside the creditable sections of the assertion keep see over department, to muck in with because the eyes also ears of their boss. While everyplace else, a infantile cadet was imputed as well as an equally unsafe task: infiltrate the Irish syndicate headed by the mature man sending inside his own to the Massachusetts State Police. Now, only cadet is an unsleeping also forthcoming keep see over official as well as a frayed allegiance to his occupation also to the criminal mastermind that set him there. While the esoteric cadet is the dependable measure two of that man, merely ascertaining his specialist job are becoming blurred as well as his power state. But different info taste usher to unfortunate discoveries, whilst both sides fathom they’re personality watched by the enemy.


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