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Director : Phil Alden Robinson

Genre : Action, Drama, Thriller

Cast : (in credits order) (complete, awaiting verification) , Ben Affleck as Jack Ryan , Morgan Freeman as DCI William Cabot , James Cromwell as President Robert 'Bob' Fowler , Ken Jenkins as Admiral Pollack , Liev Schreiber as John Clark , Bruce McGill as National Security Advisor Gene Revell , John Beasley as General Lasseter , Russell Bobbitt as Israeli Pilot , Philip Baker Hall as Defense Secretary David Becker , Al Vandecruys as US STRATCOM Colonel , Richard Cohee as Mt. Weather General , Philip Pretten as President's Military Aide , Alison Darcy as Fowler's Aide , Richard Marner as President Zorkin , Ostap Soroka as Zorkin's Translator , Robert Martin Robinson as Zorkin's Interviewer , Ian Mongrain as Syrian Radar Operator , Dale Godboldo as Rudy , Lee Garlington as Mary Pat Foley , Jamie Harrold as Dillon , Alan Bates as Dressler , Stefan Kalipha as Arab Gravedigger , Nabil Elouahabi as Ghazi , Mariya Monakhova as Zorkin's Aide (as Maria Monakhova) , Bridget Moynahan as Dr. Cathy Muller , Francois Bryon as CIA Wardrobe Guy , Josef Sommer as Senator Jessup , Pragna Desai as Dr. Rita Russell , Colm Feore as Olson , Michel 'Gish' Abou-Samah as Olson's Translator , Edward Zinoviev as Nemerov's Aide , Ciarán Hinds as President Nemerov , Sheena Larkin as Pam Lathrop (as Sheena Larkin La Brie) , Frank Fontaine as General Rand , André Cornellier as Kremlin Photographer , Maksim Osadchiy as Kremlin Photographer's Assistant (as Maxime Opadtchii) , Mariusz Sibiga as Nemerov's Translator , Michael Byrne as Anatoli Grushkov , Norman Mikeal Berketa as American Scientist (as Norm Berketa) , Lev Prygunov as General Saratkin (as Lev Prygounov) , Mace Neufeld as WHCA Dinner Chairman , Ron Rifkin as Secretary of State Sidney Owens , Jennifer Seguin as President's Aide , Josh Kimmel as White House Mess Waiter , Yevgeni Lazarev as General Dubinin (as Eugene Lazarev) , Sven-Ole Thorsen as Haft , Heinar Pillar as Dressler's Associate (as Heinar Piller) , Arthur Holden as Dressler's Associate , Marcel Sabourin as Monsieur Monceau , Vie Nystrom as Dressler's Secretary , Joel Bissonnette as Jared Mason , Kwasi Songui as Dockyard Navy Veteran , Marina Lapina as Nemerov's Wife , Victoria Reuter as Russian Nurse , France Arbour as Spassky's Mother , Lubomir Mykytiuk as Spassky , Vladimir Radian as Orlov , Gregory Hlady as Milinov , Valeri Koudriavtsev as Ukrainian Guard , Victor Pedtrchenko as Ukrainian Guard (as Victor Pedtchenko) , Willie Gault as Sportscaster , Gary Gelfand as Sportscaster , Arnold McCuller as National Anthem Singer , Craig Hosking as Helicopter Pilot , Jerry Markbreit as Referee , John Eaves as Secret Service Agent , J.J. Carle as Hospital Physician , David Vazquez as Marine Rescuer (as Msgt. David Vazquez) , David Schaap as US STRATCOM Colonel , Lisa Gay Hamilton as Captain Lorna Shiro (as Lisagay Hamilton) , Kirk Taylor as AFRAT Specialist Wesson , Jason Antoon as AFRAT Specialist Stubbs , Lisa Bronwyn Moore as NAOC Hotline Operator , Aleksandr Belyavskiy as Admiral Ivanov (as Alexander Belyavsky) , Jason Winer as Aircraft Carrier Petty Officer , Antonio David Lyons as Aircraft Carrier Petty Officer , Lennie Loftin as Aircraft Carrier Duty Officer , Michael McDougal as Russian Pilot (as Mike McDougal) , Matt Holland as Pickup Truck Owner , Roger Tonry as F-16 Pilot , Oleg Belkin as Russian Defense Minister , Constantine Gregory as General Bulgakov , Griffith Brewer as Burn Victim , Jacklyn St. Pierre as Baltimore Nurse , Mariah Inger as Baltimore Nurse , Mark Antony Krupa as US STRATCOM Captain , Joseph Antaki as Arab Doctor , Marcel Jeannin as Baltimore Cop (as Marcel Jeanin) , Gerry Wood as Air Force Lt. Colonel , Conrad Pla as Pentagon Security Guard , Philip Akin as General Wilkes , Henri Pardo as Pentagon NCO , Irwin Dillion as Pentagon Mo-Link Operator , Real Auger as Dubinin's Killer , Gilles Marsolais as Dubinin's Killer , Eric Steibi as Dressler's Aide rest of cast listed alphabetically: , Sheldon Ashley as Scientist #3 (uncredited), Terence Bowman as National Guard Driver (uncredited), Isabelle Champeau as CIA Agent (uncredited), Marie-Josée Colburn as Mother (uncredited), Brent Donnelly as CIA Communications (uncredited), Hondo Flemming as Officer (uncredited), Clete Francis as Pilot (uncredited), Yvette Harper Pouliotte as Duty Officer (uncredited), Myriam Huard as Disaster Victim (uncredited), Rick Kain as Jogger (uncredited), Nick Lacroix as Football Fan (uncredited), John Maclaren as Scientist #2 (uncredited), Marie Matiko as Captain Vicky Shiro (uncredited), Laraine Newman as Russian Translator on TV (uncredited), Mike O'Neal as Secret Service Agent (uncredited), Mike Paterson as Petty Officer (uncredited), Bill Richards as Helicopter Pilot (uncredited), Clyde Tull as Pilot (uncredited), David Tyler as Russian Bomb Technician (uncredited)

Plot : CIA analyst Jack Ryan must bar the intentions of a terrorist faction that threatens to motivate a tragic disagreement between the United States also Russia's freshly elected president by detonating a nuclear weapon at a football sport inside Baltimore.

Run Time : 124 min | Spain:128 min

Country : USA | Germany

Language : English | Russian | Ukrainian | German | Arabic

Filming Locations : Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Company : Paramount Pictures

Plot Summary : When the president of Russia by surprise dies, a smutty person whose philosophy are not quite alien succeeds him. The adjust inside partisan leaders sparkles paranoia in the core of American CIA officials, thus CIA director Bill Cabot staff a youthful analyst to produce prescience with guide on the situation. Then the unthinkable happens: a nuclear bomb cracks inside a U.S. city, with America is swift blameworthy the Russians.

When the President of Russia dies along with his put back by a personality of Cyprian age as well as a cryptic past, putting the United States on aware of mounting Cold War fears. When the CIA suspects that recreant Russian scientists are aiming to obtain plenty mobile phone nuclear weapons, East-West tensions more than flow. CIA director William Cabot forward his top agent, Jack Ryan into action. What Ryan discovers is that terrorists are attending to provoke a fight between the U.S. along with Russia, by detonating a nuclear bomb at a football sport inside Baltimore.

The United States is awfully eminent of the Russians' analysis of Chechneya that are prepared to step inside although the innovative Russian President, whom they have confidence is a hardliner, tells each other that this is none of their concern. However, CIA analyst Jack Ryan, who prepared probe on the man, doesn't suppose he is. But while the Russians reach to fight Chechneya in addition to the Russian President claims accountability while really he is not, the Americans are prepared to set out opposition him. But whatsoever they don't fathom is that there is a third have a insane time who is attempting to work hard each other into war; which may perhaps come about while they go off a nuclear bomb inside the U.S. in addition to people at large inside the Russian Military are inside confederacy in addition to this third have a insane time in addition to abeting him work hard the two realms to war. But Ryan knows something's occurring in addition to is attempting to determine whatsoever it is prior it's exceedingly late.

When the Russian President without warning dies of a sympathy attack, the spanking new Russian President is sworn inside quickly. American mind belives him to troth a hard-liner, although immature CIA analyst Jack Ryan doesn't imagine so. While Ryan & his boss, Bill Cabot, are examining disarmament at Russian nuclear sites, 3 Russian scientists tolerate mysteriously disappeared. Although the Russians tolerate rejoinder since their absence, none of one another are true. In Austria, a tricky mature man – a neo-fascist – has stepped forward a formidable to conceive to incite a fight between Russia & the U.S., by means of an unexploded bomb indulge in the deserts of the Middle East. When the 3 Russian scientists are later on contemplated dead, Ryan seeks to elucidate their path. By this time, the bomb is on its roadway to the U.S.A – inside a cigarette machine! The bomb is located inside a football stadium where the U.S. President is inside attendance. Ryan presently discovers the bomb is inside Baltimore in addition to alerts Bill Cabot, who gets the President out of the stadium quickly. Minutes later, the low-yield nuclear bomb explodes, killing quite a lot of thousands! From Air Force One, the President transports messages to the Russian President, who rebuts that the Russians tolerate located the bomb on U.S. soil. But dated hound members of the Russian Air Force are inside on the macabre plan, in addition to as an aircraft carrier is attacked in addition to crippled by Russian planes, issues right away go off indulge in ghastly to worse. It is wakeful to Ryan to establish where the bomb got here indulge in in addition to draw that data to the President earlier than SNAPCOUNT – the calls to initiate ICBMs at Russia – is completed.

When a terrorist faction ideas to whirl American opposed to Russia by placing a nuclear weapon inside a Baltimore, DCI William Cabot bid inside CIA analyst Jack Ryan to comprehend the ideas at the rear of this faction also block a aggregate accident occurs.

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