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Director : Akira Kurosawa

Genre : Action, Drama, Fantasy, Thriller, War

Cast : : , Toshirô Mifune as Taketori Washizu , Isuzu Yamada as Lady Asaji Washizu , Takashi Shimura as Noriyasu Odagura , Akira Kubo as Yoshiteru Miki , Hiroshi Tachikawa as Kunimaru Tsuzuki (as Yoichi Tachikawa) , Minoru Chiaki as Yoshiaki Miki , Takamaru Sasaki as Kuniharu Tsuzuki , Kokuten Kôdô as Military Commander , Kichijirô Ueda as Washizu's workman , Eiko Miyoshi as Old Woman at castle , Chieko Naniwa as Old Ghost Woman , Nakajirô Tomita as Second Military Commander , Yû Fujiki as Washizu samurai , Sachio Sakai as Washizu samurai , Shin Ôtomo as Washizu samurai

Plot : A ruthlessly ambitious lord, egged on by his wife, runs to fulfill a calculation that he may well change into Emperor.

Run Time : 110 min

Country : Japan

Language : Japanese

Filming Locations : Izu Peninsula, Shizuoka, Japan

Company : Toho Company

Plot Summary : A transposition of Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’ to knightly Japan. After a large defense force victory, Lords Washizu with Miki are astray inside the solid Cobweb Forest, where they join up a curious mature grown man who predicts large issues as Washizu with yet larger issues as Miki’s descendants. Once out of the forest, Washizu with Miki are straight away expedited by the Emperor. Washizu, collaborated with by his ambitious wife, plots to variety yet plenty of the calculation come to pass true, notwithstanding it pathway killing the Emperor…

In the Sixteenth Century inside Japan, the unafraid generals Taketori Washizu (Toshirô Mifune) in addition to Yoshiaki Miki (Minoru Chiaki) are invited to trip at their lord inside his castle beyond a fight wined by each other opposition a recreant general. In the routine to the castle, they join up inside the woodland an evil excitement that foresees their presenting itself take amusement in the underneath of their hearts, as well as Washizu individual the lord of an imperative mansion inside the fields of their lord, Miki the commander of the First Fortress in addition to Miki’s lad the successor of Washizu. When they join up their master, the originally share of the calculation comes correct since Washizu in addition to Miki.

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