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Director : Daniel Lee White

Genre : Comedy, Drama, Romance

Cast : , Kevin Killavey as Andrew Cutchner , Sarah Nicklin as Emily Clancy , Gio Castellano as Eric Meyers , Samantha Acampora as Jessica Cutchner , Cat Miller as Christen Cutchner , Erin M. Olson as Sally Dante , Ken Breese as Fred Palturn , Sarah McLean as Rebecca Wazecki , Brandon Luis Aponte as Paul Ryan , Mary Paolino as Martha Clancy , Wendy Olafson as Gwen , Mary C. Ferrara as Aunt Alice , Rich Tretheway as Father Dave , Christopher L. Ferreira as Nathan Kanelos , Spencer Emanuel as Brian other cast: , Kaitlyn Bouchard as Human Resources Presenter, Sophia Gilberto as N.A. Ad Soldier #2, Adam Teper as Protestor, Alexandra Cipolla as Wendy Winters, Kevin Hagan as Z-Core Zombie, Laura Putnam as Peter's Wife, Jason McCormick as Lab Tech #1, Cameron Morton as Web Mocker #2, Alexander Lewis as Zombie Restaurant Waiter, Dennis Hurley as Peter, Jane Moran as Z-Core Zombie, Jason Kulas as Dr. Ernheiser, Bernard Larrivee Jr as Jeb, Aurora Grabill as Unfortunate Bar Zombie, Daniel Lee White as Slow Poke, Mary Carson as Lead Singer (as Mary Therese), Eric Eastman as Bob, John Knight as Web Mocker #3, Danielle Mayer as Tara T for Teens, Ryan Hanley as Dancing Man, Joni L. Bouley as Free Range Zombie, Von Macabre as Grocery Free Range, Timothy Bonavita as Fancy Restaurant Patron, Eric Britton as Z-Core Zombie, Andre Boudreau as Lab Tech #3, Scott Topa as Wall Soldier #2, Ellen P. Heleen as Phoney Girl's Mom, Robert Jeffrey as Drummer, Emily Hanson as Cheap Zee Zombie, Rachel Nadeau as Samantha Summers, Elizabeth Labrecque as Bad Employee #1, Mick Baccari as CotB Parishioner, Shashawna Santiago as Free Range Zombie, Alice Valentine as Mrs. Potter, Erin Devlin as Z-Core Zombie, Darcy Parker Bruce as Townsperson, Ky Hanson as The Cannibal's Victim, Beatriz Lopez as Parishioner, Ali Pezzullo as Fancy Restaurant Patron, Frank Radzvilowicz as Fancy Restaurant Patron, John Ring as Micky, Rob Roy as Pete, Heather Flynn as Z-Core Zombie, David Gibson as N.A. Ad Soldier #3, Nicole Dunn as Cheap Zee Zombie, Corrine Jensen as Townsperson, Jake Sacken as Cheap Zee Zombie, Siara Padilla as Angry Customer, Lisa McCusker as Club Patron, Lura Hepler as Free Range Zombie, Jessica Torres as Free Range Zombie, Christian Alvarado as Z-Core Zombie, Brian Stone as Z-Core Zombie, Brian Willard as Jeb's Catch, Stephanie Dailey as Cheap Zee Zombie, Timothy Carson as Zombie Club Waiter, Maureen Thibodeau as Townsperson, Sheila Bliven as Z-Core Zombie, Jennifer Rae Grossman as Parishioner, Cecilia Ryan as Free Range Zombie, Victor M. Jose Flete as Club Patron, Evan Forstrom as Lead Guitarist, Ryan Soper as Marine #2, Rob Doran as Angrier Customer, Steve Sweeney as Rick Temple, Cathy Case as Club Patron, Rebecca Lynne as Parishioner, Jenkins Divo Macedo as Club Patron, La'au Kent as Outlier, Randi White as Townsperson, Jacob Jordison as Free Range Zombie, Sean Carufel as Parishioner, Clancy Emanuel as Free Range Zombie, Maggie Vanasse as Burgerrrrrs Patron, Emily Dziobek as Parishioner, Marina Clarke as Web Mocker #1, Daniel J. Wood as Adam, Michael Sherriff as Z-Core Zombie, Ashley D. Saari as Fake Zombie #1, Jamie Lynne Thorne as Club Patron, Thomas Landry as CotB Zombie, Michael D. Amaral as Free Range Zombie, Kara Cancelliere as Club Patron, Samuel Mobley as Free Range Zombie, Lorian DiNatale as Free Range Zombie, Gregory Thibodeau as Z-Core Zombie, Edward C. Higgins as Stalker Zombie, Cara Berman as Cheap Zee Zombie, Allyson Brown as Keyboardist, Jacques Boudreau as Little Boy, Patrick England as Club Patron, Deborah Rolon as Townsperson, Madison Wholey as CotB Little Girl, Terry Mead as Z-Core Zombie, Diana Maxfield as Allison, Nicholas Vanasse as Townsperson, Paul Tourville as Z-Cored Zombie, Gabriella Wholey as CotB Parishioner, Bruce Church as CotB Pastor, Debra Gagnon as Zombie Grandma, Brenda L. Blauvelt as Z-Core Zombie, Sonya Joyner as Senator, Scott Hayes as Townsperson, Lisa Boudreau as Z-Core Ad Zombie, Brian Vanasse as Z-Core Zombie, Alexa Silan as Fancy Restaurant Patron, Tara O'Brien as Zombie Solicitor, Grant Briere as Cheap Zee Zombie, Andrea Fleury as Bad Employee #2, Glenn Shea as Ken Howland, Matthew Roberts as Z-Core Zombie, Thomas John Barganski as Cheap Zee Zombie, Derek Chisholm as Tom, Tyler Andrews as Townsperson, Karim Aird as Heroic Marine, Karen Wholey as CotB Parishioner, Beth Craig as Burgerrrrrs Patron, Emily Butler as Phoney Girl 14, Bonnie Shappell as Club Patron, Manny Arriaza as CotB Parishioner, Robert C. LaBonte as Free Range Zombie, Lauren Poisson as Giggle Girl #2, Donovan Davis as Z-Core Zombie, Jacob Larimore as Zombie Photo Copier, Terry Cummings as Pot Head Outlier, Mark Carter as Evil Free Range, Ryan Neilan as D-Bag #2, Kevin Bieler as Bass Guitarist, Katy Malon as Townsperson, Adam Parr as Free Range Zombie, Pete Charron as Fake Zombie #2, Cynthia Killavey as Parishioner, Nicholas Carver as Z-Core Zombie, Marin Smith as N.A. Ad Daughter, Jermaine English as Free Range Zombie, Joshua Blasbalg as Z-Core Zombie, Jamie Macek as Zombie Housekeeper, Aysha Agulu as CotB Parishioner, Alexandria Wholey as CotB Parishioner, Ene Christobel Unobe as Club Patron, K. Nicholson as Z-Core Zombie, Tommy Broadbent as Parishioner, Bella Koudriavtseva as CotB Parishioner, Lily Spencer as CotB Mom, Nancy Ferrante as Parishioner, Nick Sergiacom as D-Bag #1, Amy W. Thompson as Old Lady Hanson, Raymond DiTomasso as Free Range Zombie, Randy Blauvelt as Z-Core Zombie, Meredith Imbimbo as N.A. Ad Soldier #1, Ken Schroeder as Z-Core Zombie, Joel M. Ryan as Z-Core Zombie, Matt Woods as Townfolk Runner #1, Stephen Mark Altieri Jr. as Burgerrrrrs Patron, Stu Biagetti as Zombie Housekeeper, James Killavey as Parishioner, Khijiemh Miller as Free Range Zombie, Erik Hanson as Cheap Zee Zombie, Adam Michael Kennedy as Real Zombie, Dave Pendergast as Z-Core Zombie, Elias Red Cloud as N.A. Ad Zombie, Kayte Klewin as Cute Bar Zombie, Jason Morin as Parishioner, Stephen Butler as Free Range Zombie, Mark S. Spery as Z-Core Zombie, Justin Larsen as Fancy Restaurant Patron, Marabeth Farmer as Townsperson, Ruth Leroe as Julie, Ali Philbrick as Townsperson, Donna Gilberto as N.A. Ad Mother, Samantha Wholey as CotB Parishioner , Rai Carmody as Burgerrrrrs Patron (uncredited), Elizabeth Smith as Burgerrrrrs Patron (uncredited)

Plot : It is a live demeanor characteristic movie that is pool inside a real world where the undead labor under risen with might engagement tamed to live calmly in addition to humans… See more » |

Run Time : 103 min

Country : USA

Language : English

Company : LTJFilms

Plot Summary : It is a live activities characteristic motion picture that is compilation inside a planet where the undead labor under risen in addition to would troth tamed to live tranquilly also humans. People labor under been estrangement between those who aid undead rights in addition to those who do not. Andrew in addition to Emily, enjoys either camp, converge in addition to onset to crumble love, moment Brian merely aims to adapt in. It is a social/political satire, chronicle of fight in addition to a romantic friendliness chronicle the comprehensive thing wrapped into one.

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