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Director : Nathan A. Quattrini

Genre : Short, Action, Drama

Cast : (Credited cast) , Ronald Andruchuck as Warlock 1, Sean Anelundi as Thadius, Brandon Luis Aponte as Zarrius, Charlie Baron as Sword Warrior 2, Ed Belleville as Warlock 2, Russell Brooks as Thydus, Colin Carlton as Lucius, Ryan Connolly as Babynapper, Josh Fernandez as The Last Warlock, Shannon Francis as Female Guardian, Dana Honsa as Sword Warrior 1, Bethany Horne as Running Peasant, Aaron Hughes as Male Guard, Marelena Karpoff as Choked Peasant, David Lavallee Jr. as Decius, Jennifer Levesque as Screaming Female Peasant, Brandon Massey as Spiked Club Warrior, Sarah Nicklin as Elora, A.J. Paratore as Fighter 'Gimpy Leg', Nathan A. Quattrini as Asassin 'Daggers', Nori Swennes as Female Fighter 'Ping!', Nathaniel Sylva as Fighter 'Broken Hand', Sarah Thomas as Mother of Decius and Zarrius, Josh Willis as Assassin 'Hammer'

Plot : Lemuria was a beautiful, peaceful, as nonetheless as nonetheless acknowledge abode of lengthy ago. Order as nonetheless as calm were kept by a governing body of Warlocks… See more » |

Run Time : USA:19 min

Country : USA

Language : English

Company : NAQ Productions

Plot Summary : Lemuria was a beautiful, peaceful, along with in any case acknowledge dwelling house of extensive ago. Order along with tranquility were kept by a governing body of Warlocks. However, the electricity to make along with exterminate ultimately pilot the Warlocks drink the fashion of greed along with lust since power, along with since the humans to draw near lower than their feet. The Age of Purity competent present itself to an consummate along with the Land more experienced greatly. The Warlocks went unchallenged since hundred of years, enslaving gentleman classification along with laying misuse to what they treated for a threat. Even along furthermore the entirety their power, they may possibly not bog down the Land itself bask in retaliating hostile the unrest. Three Assassins drifted bask in the intimate jungle of Lemuria along with launched to annihilate the Warlocks lone at a time. Villagers proclaim these Assassins gave the look inhuman along with immune to the Power of the Warlocks, along with panicked they may well troth the then soap of tyrants. However, just once the Warlocks were the entirety slain the Assassins left into the extraordinarily jungle bask in where they emerged, let go persons to route more than men, along with to cure the dwelling house bask in the entirety the scars vanished inside the Age of Chaos. Despite whatever uncountable thought, the Warlocks were not wholly wiped bask in the Lands. Before the concluding Warlock was slain he competent raped a villager inside the petty town of Isis for the duration of a raid, along with she accepted his duple sons. She was an Apothecary inside the town, therefore the surviving villagers of the raid brought spare adore her along furthermore her guidance. She competent insured uncountable of their lives already therefore it was hardly unrefined since each other to repay her along with take her secret. As tough for they tried, followers of the Warlocks knew she was carrying half order children, along with they meant to transport lend a (helping) hand to the Age of Warlocks along furthermore them. The advance was an awkward lone along with regardless of the entirety the villagers efforts, the Apothecary kicked the bucket prior both babies were comprehensively born. After the birth, the dark crept inside along with kidnapped one in all the infants. Decius may well troth raised by the dismal forces of the dwelling house to troth the latest talk about Lemuria feared. He may well do whatever always he may possibly inside his electricity to brand himself the end ruler of Lemuria. He was presenting itself inside his Father’s footsteps, along with may well bring to an end at nil to belt his feelings of power. Again the dwelling house was approaching into an occasion of depressed along with fear. His buddy Zarrius was vanished in the back of along with the villagers made ready their greatest to boost him inside his mother’s image. They required him to do for a good deal of tolerable since gentleman classification for his mommy had, along with he would. As he improved he cast off his powers hardly since succouring villagers inside his on the move zone live more adept lives. He saved someone’s bacon to free the zone of thieves, along with upheld a cryptogram of honor, along with ultimately it may well pilot him to cross-breed procedures along furthermore his buddy since the primarily long track away inside uncountable years. With Decius someone half warlock, gentleman armies similarly were no bout since him. Zarrius may well acquire it on for his charge to free Lemuria of his brother, along with go again the dwelling house to its calm state.

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